The perfect colour to wear for your skin tone with 3 different colour tones

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Adding colour to your wardrobe might seem mind-boggling and you might not know what colour to add to your style first, but it is very easy as there is no rule to wearing clothing. I bet you are all asking but what colour can I add that will make me look to go in. well the answer is to start with a colour that flatters your skin tone, so you be the radiate one who stands out from the crowd.

Skin tone colour for warm , natural and cool tone colours
Skin tone colour for warm , natural and cool tone colours

Find a skin tone colour that completion your skin can be overwhelming, but with these simple steps you be able to find a guide to what colour look good for skin tone. Before I share theses step, I want to point out that there are 3 main colour categories for your skin tone, cool, warm and natural.

Warm tones – greens, browns, mustard yellow, warm reds, peach, coral, amber, gold or earth colours.

Natural tones – mauve, dusty, brush, Champagne, mint, blue, whites, and mid-range greys

Cool tones- blues, emeralds, deep purple, frosty purple, pinks, greys, whites, pale yellow and bright red.

In order for us to find out what colour categories we fall under we must do the colour test.

1. Look at your wrist

look at your venis for skin tone
look at your veins

look at your veins. if you see blue or purple veins, you’re most likely a cool tone and if you see green, you’re most likely to be a warm tone.

2. Look at your eyes

skin tone colour from eye
I took this photo in 2015 of my eye edit with a filters back then

do your eyes have golden flecks in them, if so, you look better with a warm tone colour. If your eyes have blue or grey flecks in them then you’re a cool tone colour. generally speaking, if you have blue, green or grey eyes you are normally a cool tone person and if you have brown, hazel, or amber eyes you’re a warm tone person

fun fact – if you want to know if someone fancy you, look at their pupil in their eyes are their pupil bigger than normal because if they are, they truly fancy you (learned that in school ha)    

3. The next step is to look at your hair colour to determine the perfect colour tone for your skin tone.

Blonde hair – generally would look best in warm tone colours such as yellow, orange and rusty colours they would also suite natural colour tones such as champagne colour. Platinum blonde hair looks good in reds or blue and blonde- brunettes colours look good in pastel colours.

Brunettes hair – will look fabulous in orange, pink, yellow. Warm brunettes look amazing in olive green, red and deep purple. Cool tone brunettes look good in chocolate brown, navy blue, and charcoal grey.

Black hair – look amazing in fire red, cobalt blue, or royal purple.

If you still can’t decide your colour for your skin tone

do the fabric test by this, I mean hold a gold piece of fabric under your chin and then hold a sliver piece of fabric under your chin. now see which shade light up your skin and make your eyes look amazing. If it slivers that light up your skin, then you’re a cool tone and if the gold does it you’re a warm tone. (you can try this step with gold or silver jewellery as well) 

Once you figured out what skin tone color you should be wearing to flatters your skin tone come the fun part which season should you be mostly shopping in for that perfect glamours wardrobe you have always dreamed of. So, let say you have dirty blonde hair and blueish eyes, and the skin tone test says you have a cool tone you would be better to shop in summer/late spring as cool tone colours are in season. (am a cool skin tone colour but I choose to shop in autumn as I don’t really like colour but if you want to look good in any outfit, I recommend wearing your skin tone colour.)

If you have burette hair and dark eyes, then your skin tone would be warm tone skin colour, and the best season to shop for warm tone colours would be Winter or autumn if you want look go in anything.

when I started to get curious about what color suit my skin tone I use this quiz to help guide so if your are struggling with these 4 step i would recommend doing this quiz to help you

Your Skin tone colour can change over time if your hair colour changes or you go on holiday and get a tan, but your mainly the primary colour you got from the skin tone test will stay the same as your eyes colour and your veins will stay the same.

Outfit ideas for your skin tone colour

naturally color tone outfit idea
warm colour tone outfit idea
cool tone colour outfit idea

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