What The Perfect Color To Wear On Your First Date

color to wear on a First date

First impressions are not only about looks even know appearance does play a key role, but it is also what we wear as clothing that can give people an insight into our personality. To choose the right thing to wear for a first date we must understand the art be hide the certain color we wear on a date and what messages color give off on a date. Before you all ask no am not an expert in the first date or the dating game as I have never had a first date, but I understand clothing and color and can still give advice to help other people on what to wear.

Color not to wear on a first date

 brown Color to avoid
brown Color to avoid

Let start with the topic everyone is dying to know, what color to avoid on a first date. Orange and brown are off-limits for a first date why?  Because orange symbolizes that you are trying to draw attention to yourself and cause a sense as you like drama. Brown is off-limits because it is a self petty color as it Symbolizes feeling loneliness and feeling sad are you want people to feel sorry for you. If you’re a guy a color also to avoid is red as 28% of couples would say when men wear red, they would tend to stay away from them as when men wear red it is associated with aggression and they like to have little danger in their life. Red may be avoided by men but 56% of couples would say they find their female partner sexy and powerful in a red dress. In my opinion, I would avoid any red color unless it is a knee-length red dress. As if men or woman wore a red shirt it would feel like you’re on an important business meeting and your try to be someone you’re not.

Pink Color to avoid
Pink Color to avoid

A heath little Tip when wearing color – When on a date Do Not wear an all-over pink look, as an all-over pink look is seen in the public eye as playful, flirtatious and you are only there for a good time if you get what I mean. If you want to wear pink, I suggest a pink top or a pink shirt with black jeans as this would say you have good health and you’re on the more feminine side and you’re confident in your own body. 

Color to wear on a first date

 Color to wear on a date
Color to wear on a date

The perfect color to wear on a date would be black, blue or white why?  Let say you just me by online dating such as tinder and haven’t yet understood what your dates dislike or like are yet blue would be a perfect color as Blue symbolize trustworthiness, loyalty and indicates your confidence and truthfulness in what you say. On a first date, it is not about getting into their bed but a first is meant to get to know each other a build trust with each other and the color blue with you having to speak it.  48 % Couple/ single people say they would trust the person they’re on a date with for the moment they meet them if they wear blue.  Black because it is classy, it can make you immaturely interesting to people as black makes you timeless like you have stepped out of a black and white photo from the 50s and would will to more about you as a person.

All black  Color to wear on a date
All black Color to wear on a date

A heath little Tip when wearing all black – depending on the type of date black can make you seem dull for example if you were all back to a fancy restaurant is perfect because you seem classy, but do not wear all black when out for a drink on your first date as it can make you seem dull and boarding if you want people to fall over you by your attractiveness and bar staff fight over you to serve you,  where a pop of color that completes the black like a grey jacket or a navy shirt/ top. 

Navy color to wear
Navy color to wear on a date

Another color you could wear on a first date is white, but the number one rule for wearing white is to wear white with other colors as the color white has many negatives and positives. Let me explain wearing all white can sign negative things on a first date like cowardliness, cover-up, and prerevision of justice. The positives of wearing white with other colors are cleanliness, pace, and empowerment. It is easy to add a pop of white to your outfits such as add white shoes, a white top, or white accessories.  

Blue and white  color to wear  on a date
Blue and white color to wear on a date

Top Tip on a first date

Body language is another key point of making a good first impression on a date. As negative could kiss your dream lover goodbye. Let me explain one of the biggest turns of body language for anyone is crossing your arms, clutching an object to your chest or stomach, or keeping your hands tucked in your pocket as these tips of body language can make you appear closed off and unavailable. Good body language for a first date would be sitting with your hand on your drink (even know you are freak out as you are scared inside) or having your head in your hands and seem very interested in what your date has to say. Also, wear something that is comfortable and an outfit that is you so you can fully engage in the conversation without being scared.   

If you have a first date coming up be yourself as the most important thing can do on a date is to look and act like yourself and wear something that reflects who you are as a person.  

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