The Ultimate Secret Guide to healthy hair on a budget

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Your hair is your crown and glory because it can speak volumes about your personality. It can also tell people if you take care of your appearance/ you have good hygiene. This is why it is so important to protect your crowning glory and keep it looking gorgeous from the roots to the ends. Nourishing your hair is just important as nourishing your skin as you only get one set of head hair.  

When it comes to hair, I had a full hair journey where I would like to say I know the secret for thicker, healthier hair. No am not a hair expert but I would like to share my little trick and tip for thick, healthier hair.

Background of my hair journey

I have always had long hair since high school as I was trying to get my hair to the length women has their hair at, but what I find is when people are trying to grow their hair they tend to use multiple hair products to grow their hair faster. I fell into this trap which at the age of 19-year-old I completely destroyed my hair. Up until I was 19-year-old hair was in the middle for healthy hair as I still had split ends because I was afraid of the hairdressers cutting my hair wrong. Mainly because when I was growing up the hair dress always cut my hair wrong and I didn’t like it one bit as I feel like told someone died. I wish I only know what I know now so my hair would of be on point back then. Anyway, when I was 19-year-old, I decided I wanted to go blonder so that when I my hair grow longer, I would have light blonde hair. So, I decide to use John Frieda’s sheer blonde lighten spry, and shampoo before long I got addicted to it because, at the time, I thought my hair was amazing.

After a while I resiled I made a big mistake as I damaged my hair and made my hair very dry Because the stuff, I was using on my hair was bleaching my hair.  The worst part about I only wants to go blonde to get noticed more and so people can like me more.

 5 tips on How to Get Hair Healthy

When I decided to make my hair healthier again and finally learn if I want my hair to be like a woman’s hair is going to be time, I was also starting to become fitter fitness whys.  By change up my diet and workout. When I start changing my bad habits, I noticed some of the tips I was doing made my hair grow longer and healthier. The reason I want to share this tip is that this tip anyone can effort to do like all these tips and product I used on my hair are free or under £25.

1. Eat porridge with fruit every morning

Eat Porridge with fruit
Eat Porridge with fruit

Now, this might seem very weird tip but when I start eating Porridge with fruit, I noticed a month later my hair look much happier and full of life also I noticed the color was much more vibrant (when I start doing this tip my hair was bleach blonde) my hair also felt thicker because I was eating a lot of fruit with my porridge which is full of vitamins fiber. Also, in my porridge I have chia seed in it because I read somewhere it helps hair grow and slow down aging (but not take my word on this) I think the reason I was to eat chia seed is that I was going through a little midlife crisis at the age of 20.

2. Drink water or stay hydrated

Drink your water
Drink your water

So when I start drinking water I noticed after a wee while my hair was getting out of control as it was growing so fast and the dead hair was falling off my hair where I did have a little panic as I thought   I was going bald. But what I didn’t realize was my hair was renewed itself as 25% of everyone’s hair is made up of water according to Kinetico Water System. So, in some way your hair like a plant it needs water to grow.

3. Not wash your hair more than twice a week

This might seem gross but it does wonder for your hair. As we want to keep the natural oil of our hairs as if we wash our hair too much you can strip out the natural oil and hair. which will cause our hair to be weak and on hair life support where we could lose our hair if this happens. Also, because when we use water on our hair it causes our hair to expand when it is wet and depends on when it dry cause the hair to become damaged and weak. this tip I low get love because I only wash my once a week as sometimes am too busy with university and stuff to go for a shower and when I was in school I use hate going for a shower more than once or twice as it like a 2-hour process.

4. Brush your hair before the shower

No matter what your hair length is detangle your hair before the shower and brush through the natural oils as your hair is more vulnerable to slip ends now am not sure about this step as I got told by someone in college to brush my hair to detangle and get the oil through your hair personal I don’t think it makes any difference but I still do this tip as my get a lot of knots in as it thick.

5. Use a coconut overnight oil mask     

THIS IS MY STABLE HAIR STEP it changes my hair completely in lockdown as I was looking for a way to keep my hair healthy while in lockdown. I start using this product once a week as the instructions say to use once a week but I thought to use it once a month was enough for me as it hydrated your hair to the maximum level as after one use of it my hair look shinier and softer, it also helps strip of some of the damage bleach blonde hair which was amazing + after while using this product my hair seems, bouncer, a thicker. I only use this once a month when I need an intents treatment or have an important event to go to like this product makes it look like I have just been to a 5-star salon and for £3per tube I would 100% recommend it.  

Affordable Product for your hair Routine / I use and recommend using for healthy hair  

 Disclaimer – am NOT profiting for any of these links as I just want to share these link as I think everyone should have the perfect hair

Like a skincare routine, your hair care routine should include a 3-4 step process from cleansing, conditioner to serum for spilled ends. I have 3 step hair care routine+ one month I add another step in to make sure my hair isn’t damaged or dry as while we are in the middle of a pandemic who knows if the hair dresses are going to shut down again.

Step 1 – Tresemme luxurious moisture for damaged hair shampoo £5 per 800ml 


4 months ago, I bought this product as it was on offer for £2, and OMG after using it on my hair it was soft, hydrated, and felt amazing, it felt like a weight being lifted off my shoulders as I felt more confident and for their on I never go hair shy because if I did not style my hair one day I could leave it down and have no hair shame. Also, a week before I bought this for the first, I had my end trim off, and I still haven’t noticed split end which is incredible. Every time it leaves my hair nourished and skilly even a little bit bleach bit at the end of my hair was very hydrated. As I have thick hair it helps my hair to not go fizzy after it airs hair as my hair is still smooth when it is dry. Not only that for a small price it great value for money as the bottle lasts for the full month and the original price is £5

Step 2Tresemme moisture-rich conditioner for dry and damaged hair £5 per 800ml

conditioner for you hair
conditioner for your hair

 I only started using a conditioner for my hair because I got told many years ago that the hair conditioner will help my hair to not go puff or fizzy after air dry my hair, so I decided to start using a hair conditioner. But before I start to use and conditioner, I never use it because it made my hair go greasy after using it but I was put the conditioner on the long way as if you have long hair your only meant to put it on the end of your hair as a conditioner protect your hair from damaged. I like to think of a hair conditioner like an anti-aging moisturizer for hair.  When I started using this hair conditioner I got the hook as it gives lifeless dry hair an extra boost to get it back to life and give my hair volume. Where every time I put it on in the shower, I say…

weak, limp, lifeless it got its mojo back- Cheryl Cole (tv advert)

Step 3 – Hask Argan oil for repairing, strengthens &restoring £5 

hair oil
hair oil

Now this product I have been used for years on and off and has now become my stable in my hair route as I got to by the person who gave me a trim a couple of months ago for dry thick hair you need to use hair oil every time after the shower and throw out the week prevent split ends. When I use the product, it may my hair feel amazing and look like luxury. It also helps my hair from not getting tangled when my hair air drys.  I also find when I use this product my hair doesn’t get frizzy when that hair drying ait also keeps my hair smooth and straight which is a god secant as it takes about 1 hour to straighten my hair.

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