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Adele is back

Today I write a different blog post, as recently I have been thinking about how Adele has kept me dreaming and kept me alive on this crazy thing call life. Yes, Adele’s music, personality, style and Adele quotes have help me out so much.

I for one am excited for Adele to be back.

Back when I first heard Adele was when I was in high school. The night that I heard Adele’s music was when I was watching a lot of music videos on YouTube when I was meant to be sleeping. As at that time I could hep wonder to myself if my dream where normal.

As when I told people my dreams they laughed in my face and said you do not think normal. I also started to have thought maybe I should give up and run away, but then it happened up pop Adele-chasing pavement in the YouTube recommend.

So, I thought I give her ago it seems like a sad song to reflect my emotions, and O.M.G her voice was incredible. The song lyrics made me feel motivated to chase my dream. Made me feel normal and think of thing to say to people when they said my dream where not normal. Such as “well just you watch me I will be big one day hang about with Adele Adkins”

I then start to listen to all her song on albums 19 and 21 and made me even more motivated and what type of person I want to be when I grow up.  Also made me want to start experimenting with fashion to dress timeless.

I did start experiment with fashion after listen to her, but I experiment with fashion in the wrong way because I thought emo where timeless ha, I guess style comes with age. God think back about now I must of be 13year old when I start listening to her and I am now 23-year-old. Sorry, am showing my age now. I also like to think am dress timeless now kind of.

The Song “Someone like you” made me know what type of person I wanted to be as she was dress in black walk in London.  As I want to be the type of person how dresses in the most amazing timeless fashion who at the age of 30 is walking in London remembering all the good times and who life was so simple before I was a big successful person with my name plaster everywhere.

I am still trying to be a try to be a successful person but as a big fashion designer now. Anyway, back to Adele.

 Adele quotes and song lyrics have always up lifted my mood when I was having a low mood day for example rolling in deep made stop the low mood and made me be determined to get what I want because of one song lyrics,

“Don’t underestimate the thing I will do” – Adele

Then life start to get hard for me because it came for the time for me to leaving school and I did really know what do to with my life as back I kept saying I want to be a big successful person but wasn’t sure what I want to do yet.

After I lift school in June 2015, I started to get depressed I guess you could say, as I keep not getting out of bed and not wanting to do anything or be sociable with people. (let just say I struggle a lot the year I left school where I can also remember running away in my feet)

One night on the 25th November 2015, I was getting very bad thoughts such as “live never going to get better now, I should give up and end my life as I would like to die before the embracement of not getting my dreams” So I start to plan how I would escape the world.

I did have thought about ending my life as I thought I would get everything I want in heaven, but I also had thought about run- away to London to be a model and marry a famous person. (yeah I always struggle with dark depression though even know it comes as a shock to people as I am mostly very ambitious but with dreaming so high come a great fall mostly)   

This is a screenshot I took of Adele on youtube from the song hello

Then Adele saves my life, as I was looking for a sad song before I escape. Adele Hello pop up and she save my life because the song made me determined to get what I want, where I started to picture in my head of me walk into a fancy event for me being on the front cover of vouge and other magazines.  I also picture myself at this made-up event me Scream “hello to the other side” (yes, I know that childish thing to think but I know what now what I want to be a big fashion designer so not hate am just telling the truth)

Not only did she save my life, but she gives them the confidence to ask myself what truly makes me happy, what do I what to be? When I was asking these questions to myself, I said I was happy when I was studying fashion in school as it was so exciting and when I was in fashion at school it made me dream big and pretend that I was on a fashion show and be a big fashion designer like Chanel.

(To this day I still pretend to be a big fashion on fashion shows)

 So, I decided to research on how to write a fashion collage application and each night I wrote a bit of my collage application and applied for it. I also never told anyone until I got the interview mainly, I was scared of what people were going to say.  So, I would say I owe Adele everything as she helps me figure out what job I want to do when I grow up. 

 Adele helps me see the light at the end of the storm and be motivated and to follow my dream and be determined. For some strange reason whenever I go through a big change in my life Adele is always there to lift me up and catch me when I fall. It is like Adele is my guardian angel as she always knows what I need to hear at the right time.

With Adele come out with new music it is like a miracle because I feel like the last few months of this year I am going through a big change/transformation in life. What I mean by this is am doing a lot of inner work on myself, interims of only do thing that what made me happy and not to please anyone else. Also, NOT to focus on finding a boyfriend and learn to where what the hell I want even if the clothing is in the woman section.  yeah, my style is slowly changing as I want to be me and take care of my appearance and look nice for once.

 Also, I don’t want to pretend to be someone else as I want to be the real me as hoodie and jeans pair with trainers aren’t me. I am more of Chelsea boots, high waist skinny jeans,s, and a nice top.  

 I want to be glamours that the only am going to be my true self if I let the universe guided me once ask for something. As in order to get what you want you need to work with the universe.

As Adele is finding her true self after her divorce and her album about becoming her and get a divorce, I feel like the album is something am going to relate to a lot. As at the beginning of this year was extremely hard and I have decided to put myself first from now on and not care about what anyone thinks of the way I dress.

As I just want to be dressing up in good clothing, wearing Chelsea boots with a Cuban heel, and wearing a handbag even know I still need a backpack to go to the gym in. These are the reason why I love Adele so much.  

If Adele read this post thank you for your music, style, and personality.

if you have seen Adele Preview for her New music watch it here now, Also if you missed Adele Instagram last week watch it here now ( as at near the end she share some of her new songs)

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