My Top 5 Beauty Essentials

5 top beauty essentials

The second half of the year has been about putting myself first, taking time for self-care, and figuring out what I want. Also building confidence. along the way, I found 5 beauty Essentials that has changed my Self-care routine

A little bit of background on the reason I decided to put myself first from now on as up until the end of June 2021 I was acting how people wanted to see me, how wanted me to dress, and also be scared of talking to people because it felt like everything I said people laugh and bitching be hide my back, which all this was making deeply unhappy.

So I decided to focus on me and me only by eating healthy, working out( I finally have a flat belly), starting to change my style, and taking self-care nights as men can be Glamours took people might not agree with me on this one but who cares just let everyone do their own thing as happiness is everything.  

I would encourage everyone to take a self-care night each week as it has helped me out so much as it helps me to reduce my stress levels and anxiety ( but sometimes I do feel like having panic attacks when walking outside) Self-care night has also helped me to have a full different outlook on the world as it put me in a positive mindset but also keep me focus on what I truly want in life ( which I never ever tell people what I truly desire in life as I not want people to laugh)

so if you feel run down or so stressed or feeling negative take a self-care night or day. I love everything about self-care from skincare to hair care, I like to think of self-care as a hobby as I love trying new skincare and hair care products and seeing where my skincare and haircare take me.

Yes, my favorite beauty products change from time to time, but these are the top product I can’t live without at this moment!

Beauty essentials #1 Veet men hair removal cream chest & body.

Hair removal cream
Hair removal cream

Now, this product made me feel so confident in nearly every aspect of my life, giving me the self-confidence to wear high waist leggings to the gym without the little leg hair poking through the legging.

It also gives me the confidence to show my skin more without being embarrassed, because of the hair on my leg and chest. (I want that baby smoothie skin you see in an old Hollywood photo lol.)

This product works great as it makes it super quick and easy to shave every part of my body even the hard to reach places, as I just put the hair removal cream on the places  I want to shave, legs, chest, body, and other areas for 5 minutes and then step in the shower and start shaving and just like that the hair are all gone without any cut on my skin and it only took my another 5 minutes to shave.

The hair removal cream also makes my skin so smooth and hydrated and almost glowing with perfection. This product has saved my life because before I started using this product it uses to feel like shaving was a chore for me as it took around 30-40 minutes to shave my full body.  

now I love shaving as of benefit and I only have to shave once every two weeks as this hair removal cream keeps my hair away for at least 14 days. The only bad thing about this hair removal cream is it smells like fish and has my full flat stink of fish for a few hours.

 Beauty essentials #2 Revlon One- Step Hair Dryer and Styler

help to get hair goals
help to get hair goals

I bought this a week ago and since then it has been come in my top 10 beauty essential, because I have thick hair where my hair gets tangled up in knots and always goes fizzy when I tie it up or sleep in it, where I have been looked for about a  month for a product that will keep my hair straight and fizzy free( I kind of inspiration to have straight hair because of Adele’s hair)  and One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler dose the job it so easy to use.

It dries my hair in like 20 minutes, but I do let my hair air dry for 30 minutes before drying my hair so it can work perfectly, it make my hair smoothie but I do have some wave in my hair but it is less fizzy and mess I would say.

I am not sure if this has to do with my hair oil or this One-Step Hair Dryer and Style but it gives my hair that polished professional look like I have stepped out of a salon.

Beauty essentials #3Kérastase Discipline Keratin Thermique Creme

Kérastase Discipline Keratin Thermique Creme
Kérastase Discipline Keratin Thermique Creme

A  few months ago I went to the hair salon to get my hair done and got told that I want sleek straight hair and I got recommended this product and thought why not give it a go what do I have to lose. ( apart from my hair)

 O.M.F.G this product is amazing am addicted to it. It is like an addiction hair drug it helps to prevent fizz and dry hair in the humidity air and heat even when am at the gym keep my hair smoothie and moisture for about 3 days before going dry and fizz again.

When I got recommended this product I got told it also repair hair, I half think this is true because am in process of going back to my natural hair color dirty blonde and I feel like it take some of the bleach out on my hair leaving my hair with most my natural hair very vibrant, but I only have bleach hair on the end of my hair now.  I don’t think really repairs my dead end.

But I still would recommend this product to anyone as it keeps my hair soft, glowing, and smelling great and it is a gem if your try to lock in moisture.

Beauty essentials #4 St levs blemish control face scrub  

Face scrub for self-care

Every day I have a shower I love using a face scrub to get all the build-up junk that gets into my skin. I feel like this product exfoliates my skin and keeps me satisfied that my skin is clean. I have been using this product for years. I found out about this brand when I went to Tesco to get shower stuff after college one day back when I was in college.

In the week or month, I can’t get the body shop to buy a face mask when my face is breaking out in spots, I just Pick this product up from Tesco or Morrison’s and it really sorts out my combination skin and smoothie any bump on my face. It also gets rid of my Blemish where my face is it red anymore, I used to struggle a lot with blemish, so this makes me super happy.

It also leaves my skin looking glowing and feels like silk but then I again do put face oil on my face after it. The best part about this face scrub is it is only £3 which is amazing who would have thought that so cheap could help you skin out a lot.  

Beauty essentials #5 Tresemre keratin smooth oil

Hair oil for glossy hair

I start using this product a few months ago because I want to try something new and not only does this product smell great but it makes it so easy to brush my hair as it keeps the knots out of my hair. Tresemme keratin smooth oil turns my dull hair into glossy hair and gives my hair a bit of volume, it also keeps the end of my hair really moisturized it also doesn’t leave my hair grassy which is amazing.

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