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My health Journey took 3 years before I was happy and content with my body and I want to talk you through why I started a health journey, the process that I went through to become healthy, and how I managed to become happy with my body after 3 years.

It all started when I just left collage just before I was 20 years old, I was sick to the back teeth of eating 3-4 takeaways a week, drinking 2 Starbucks a day, and eating a lot surgery sweet throughout the day every single day. I also got sick of my skin always having acne because of the amount of sugar I was eating.  

 At this time, I kept weighing myself each week and get depressed and angry at myself when I kept seeing the scale saying 140lb (10 stone). As I wanted to look like a glamorous Hollywood actress where you could see their collar bond and cheekbones. Also, because the last few months of college I went to a lot of university interviews where I felt obese because everything looked so good and healthy.

In my opinion, I feel like part of the reason I start health is because I work in fashion. Why because I felt like I had to change a big part of myself to fit in without getting disregarded. I also want to change for myself as I want to see if it improved my skin.

also, because Starting a health kick was for me to try and reverent my look as everyone that I know from school went through a big appearance change apart from me, I just gain weight.        

So, after I left college, I had a lot of time on my hand, so I decided to focus on my health and fitness, it was hard in the began because I wanted results straight away so in the began I didn’t go about the right way, I mean the right foundation were there why I wanted to do so that was a start.  

At this time, I start to get into gunpowder green tea loose tea leaf’s as I was trying to look for a heather option than coffee as I was trying to cut out bad sugar from my diet as I use to put 3-4 sugar and coffee syrup in my coffee and that wasn’t health.

Changing my coffee to green tea and adding 2.5 liters of water was help me as at the time I felt save drinking them as I thought I could still eat whatever I want, and the green tea and water would do the rest of the work. I did think it was working as I saw small improvements as I felt lighter, but my size 8 jeans felt tight on me still.

So, I started to weight myself every morning and the scale kept saying 140lb or 139lb and it made me get depressed at myself even more. So, I started to adopt a bad mind set where I decided not to eat after 7pm to lower my food intake.

 I also research top 5 weight loss tea to drink and found out about Oolong tea. So, I went a bought oolong tea lose tea leaf’s and I start to drink it. O.M.G this tea was a miracle as I could eat something unhealthy for dinner, and lunch and still drop 2 pounds without workout.  

(Before anyone ask what about breakfast at this point I never eat breakfast as when I was in collage I use to have Starbucks coffee for breakfast) I did research why I was losing 2-pound drink Oolong tea and eat sugar and found out it because Oolong tea is a fat blocker tea.

After two weeks of drinking Oolong tea, green tea ,2.5 litre of water and not eating after 7pm. I was extremally happy because I had lost 6 pounds and my top was baggy on me.

But I wanted to improve my health more as I wanted to do what influencers and workout, so I order at £80 treadmill and every night I started to go on it for an hour. Within this time my skin hardly improves yes the redness of my skin went away and my skin become brighter because cut out Starbucks but I was still eating too much sugar.

Workout helps me to really understand the real meaning of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

 After two weeks of working out what happened was Amazing, I found myself eating fruit and porridge for breakfast, I was even craving them. I was also eating salads for lunch and whatever I wanted for dinner. At this time, I was extremely happy about how I felt inside and how to look on the outside.  Also for the first time since school, I was eating 3 meals a day   

When I started my health journey, I use to feel guilty about drinking one coffee but  I didn’t anymore. I didn’t even step on the scale anymore.      

Then it was time to face the music I had to see people face to face at university and I promised myself when I left college, I wouldn’t get called fat or I would get told that am going to get fat after a certain age.

So I decided to eat two meals a day which was breakfast which I had fruit and porridge and dinner and have no sugar what so ever and I started workout twice a day so that when I move to university I would be super skinny and no one could call me fat or say am going to get fat. I also did it because I thought at the time must fit in by being super skinny.

By the time I got to university I was very underweight I was 119lb, always I can remember thinking at this point no one can bitch about me or call me fat if am super skinny. As the university year went on I got sick and tired of not being able to eat a certain thing because I was scared of what people might say.

Then it happened lockdown come at thank god it did because I started eating what I want as I didn’t have to see people face to face so no one was going to bitch about me or call me fat. I think at the end of 2020 I weight 135lb

In the second half of 2021, I decided to work on my health and fitness by trying to eat 3 heath meal a day and 1-2 snack a day which is work really well I must say because I only drink 3 cups of green tea a day. if I want a coffee and cake, I will eat it without beating myself up for it. I also only drink oolong tea twice a week now.

I have also started drinking a green smoothie as a snack each day as in my opinion, it helps my mental state as help to stay calm and be focused. I have also changed my workout route to focus on building muscle in my legs and butt (not sure if it is working) and I go to the gym 5-day a week as I got recommended that amount by my mental health doctor.

Part of my health journey is only eating healthy and working out, but also allowing time for self-care by doing my skincare each day, putting on a facemask each day and strengthening my hair, put hair oil in my hair. Doing these thing improve my mood and help me feel confident

Yes, me being healthy now is working because am 128lb (which is a healthy weight for my body height) but I think that because am not seeing people face to face whereas the year closes in and the new start where I go back to university in January, I feel on edge as I am scared to get call fat or people to bitch be hide my back, where I feel like losing as much weight as possible.

Which am trying so hard not to go back to my old way but it’s kind of hard to when the word in a very cruel place to live in because everyone loves bitch about people be hiding their back or starting Rumours.

I let you all in on a little secret if I could live in a perfect world it would be living in the mid of nowhere in a 3-bedroom house surrounded by trees, running a fashion brand, and hardly seeing people. Yeah, I only like some people because most people bitch about people. 

In a nutshell that my health journey and keep on improving each year.  

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