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Marylin Monroe

When Marylin Monroe was a little girl she was often badly dressed and was often noticed for her poor hygiene and bad clothes. Little did everyone know by the time she was 28-year-old Marylin reinvent herself with an hourglass figure and wear unforgettable timeless looks.

Marylin Monroe was a very quiet private person mainly because no one ever saw the real Marylin as they thought Marylin was a sweet dumb blonde who was trying to get people’s attention and most people took advantage of that.

But Marylin Monroe only went allow with that sweet dumb blonde act as she know she need to get her foot in the door and make connections to get what she wanted. The real Marylin Monroe was a well-educated woman who was very determined with a fun sense of humor.

Marylin Monroe icon because of her life and personality but mainly because she brought a unique timeless to fashion. In this blog post am going to tell you how to get a smiler style to Marylin’s.

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  2. Marylin Monroe colour plate
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  4. The Reason I Love Marylin Monroe

Marylin Monroe casual look

People many think Marylin Monroe liked dressing up going to all out on the glam, but she like rocking the more casual look when she wasn’t working or had a red carpet to go to. She often wore tight-fitting clothing around her body as she like showing people her Amazing figure. Most of her Casual wear outfits often had high waisted trousers and high waisted jeans pair with a turtleneck or a white shirt. Marylin often tucked her top and jumper into her trousers.   

Marylin Monroe inco  look
  • White high waist trousers, black turtleneck with black heel boots black high waist trouser with at a cream thick knitwear jumper and white trainer Black and white striped top with high waist trousers white shirt with dark blue jeans pair with sand color heel boots
  • Black high waist trouser with at a cream thick knitwear jumper and white trainer Black and white striped top with high waist trousers white shirt with dark blue jeans pair with sand colour heel boots
  • Marylin Monroe
  • Black and white striped top with high waist trousers
  • alternative to a dress or Marylin white dress

    Marylin Monroe colour plate  

    Marylin loved colour but she knows she couldn’t pull colour off so add a pop of colour into her outfits such as wearing a red jacket or a blue jacket or a white and red dotted dress. Marylin Monroe often wore a colour palate that was black, brown, beige, cream, forest green, and white. 

    Marylin Monroe Accessorize

    Marylin Monroe wore simple accessorize that was hardly noticeable as she likes to create a mysterious timeless sexy look to her outfit from what I can tell from her photo’s is she wore Accessorize such as

    • Black sunglasses when she was outside as she love protecting her Skin.
    • A blet – as she loved show people her waist
    • Pearl / Dimond earrings she love wear small earrings that make statement when you noticed her earrings, she mainly wore small Accessorize as she thought too much bling was tacky ( in my option I have to agree with her on this)
    • Pearl necklace Marylin some time wore pearl necklace with black dresses and sometimes Dimond necklace with white dresses, she only wore necklace on special occasions.
    • One ring if it was a wedding ring or an engagement ring but the ring where never flashy.

    I believe she did quote

    “when putting on accessories take off the last thing you’ve put on”

    – Coco Chanel

    Reason why I love Marylin Monroe

    got this picture from google

    From the moment I watch a Marylin Monroe documentary on 5 on demand when I was 15-year-old, I fell in love with her, I wanted her style, her hair, and her skin. As I research her life more and more, I fall in love with her even more because sometimes only sometimes I feel like her because she is so relatable.

    The main reason I admire her is because she the only living prove that a normal person how did not grow up in a rich family can come whoever they want to be and have a successful career. Marylin give me hope for the future and determination to work hard to get my dream job as I too have Not grown up in a rich family.

    Marylin Monroe keeps making me want to learn more, more and more to better myself and become a successful fashion designer. Marylin worked hard to become a great actor as she studied acting, speech, dance, and singing in between movies or on her day off to increase her chances of getting better roles as she hated people seeing her as the dumb blonde.

    I also see a lot of myself in Marylin why? Because of a few things she is very ambitious who has great courage to prove people wrong a go after want she wants even when people say she can’t. Also, like Marylin, I too care too much about my career as I want to do well in it.

    This might seem a little weird, but I also feel Marylin Monroe’s emotions as all she wanted in life was to have a successful career, be respected and betake seriously and have a husband and child who love her, and that is what I want as well.  

    I also love Marylin Monroe for her fashion is so simple timeless but deeply and doesn’t stand out in the crowds, it seems like it would draw your eye if you had to walk past her.  Also, because her skin was amazing, I would say because she took good care of it, but she has a lot of cosmetic surgery so am unsure.

    But say that, Marylin skin makes me want to take good care of my skin and keep my skin pale and be able to try to get a wrinkle-free skin without cosmetic surgery.

    The last thing I admire about Marylin Monroe is wasn’t ashamed to tell people about her insecurities or her mental health as she wants to overcome them herself but she also wants to raise awareness about things like anxiety and body image by saying a thing such as “ I don’t want to be bone thin and I make a point to stay the way I am” as she wants to let everyone know there beautiful in whatever size they are. Marylin Monroe was a kind hatred person who didn’t talk badly about other people even when people took advantage of her and I think I was a bit sad that no one ever to the time to understand Marylin, where I think we should all lifelike Marylin Monroe because she was fun and ambitious who want to see the world and there the two things you need most in life fun and to be ambitious.

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