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Today I write a very different blog post about the top 3 rate show on Netflix to help you get inspired to do your dream job or if you are feeling lost about your dream job.  These TV shows will help you gain your determination back for your goal/ dream. These Netflix series help me to very focus on my dream and to have a never-give-up attitude to get my dream. These TV shows have also taught me so much about being confident and not be scared to fight back to go after what you want in life.

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Girl Boss (Netflix series) 

One day many years ago when college got canceled because of the snowstorm, I can across Girl boss. At this time, I was obsessed with watching fashion TV shows and documentaries as they always uplift my mood and give me hope of owning a fashion brand one day. ( yeah I get very stressed out about my dream job because it is almost like I have to keep on proving myself to people as people keep telling me, I can’t do it or work in an office even know I never listen to people as if I can dream of a been fashion designer with my own brand I can do, I will never give up the fight for my dream)

This TV show will be a show I will keep re-watching, because this Netflix Series is extremally exciting to watch but the Tv show also teaches you not have to have a business degree or be good academically to start up a business, you just need ambition and determination to run a business. It also shows you; you can build a business with no money. (in some way am doing that just now as all I need is £30 for the website)

I would say the TV show is aimed at young adults/ teens as it is about a strong woman who will not back down from a fight to get her dream job. The langue of the TV show is quite rude but in a good way as the Netflix series show you sometimes you have said rude comment, so you don’t get pushed about. A girl boss is an incredible show if you what to get inspired to chase your dream.

Ok, but everyone going to laugh at this next bit. I thought the TV show was a fiction Netflix series until I start to search it up to see if there was going to be another series sadly there isn’t, but what I found out was the TV show is based on the founder of Nasty gal Sophia Amorous on how she starts her company up at 23-year-old.  which made me fall in love with the tv show even more.

The Crown (Netflix series)

Where do I start with is the Netflix series. I am not a big fan of today’s royal family because I don’t feel like there is anything interest about Queen Elizabeth. (Well so I thought) however, I am interested in the old royal family a lot Queen victor and Princess Diana. I wasn’t interested in the crown when it first came out until series 5 where princess Diana was in it. once I watch the first episode of season 5, I was hooked, of course, a lot of the story is dramatic but the main event is in the crown. The reason I started watching the crown was to be noisy and see what went on be hide closed of Princess Diana’s life when she was with the royal family. I understand something in the crown is based on speculations and rumors.

The drama in the crown is amazing and I love drama, after the 5 series decided to watch all the series backward as I was a bit interacted. As I watched the series backward it just got better. As the crown shows the queen and the Duke of Edinburgh marriage now that a very weird married as it there no fun to there married. The crown has all the biggest events in the royal family history such as king George death, the queen getting married, the Queen coronation, princess Margaret and peter Townsend scandal, ( I think princess Margaret envied the queen as Margaret want to be queen) and more amazing thing the royal been through. If you love drama and scandal you will love this

Dynasty (Netflix series also on CW  Channel in the USA)

OMG my all-time favorite Tv show ever. I started to watch this Tv show back in 2018 because when I watched the trailer, it had me wanting to watch more because of Fallon Carrington fashion scenes. Also, because it was about a billionaire daughter wanting to take over her Dad’S company.

Once I started watching it Dynasty had more to offer with secrets, Sandals, lies, and murder. The Tv show is mainly focused on wealth and the children fighting over their wealth and the parent control them as they are holders of their children’s wealth. Dynasty is extremely fun to watch if you like to see rich people doing crazy things to get what they want.  Watch this Tv show made me feel confident and want to dress to kill.it also made me want to say what am feeling a regret it later. As I like to watch tv show of people been rich it made pretend to be rich and made me even more determination to get my dream job.

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