How To Take Care of Hands During Winter

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Today I write s very Different blog post, as I want to raise awareness for the importance of hand care as we approach the cold weather. As Covid is still out there.

In this blog, I want to remind everyone that hand Care is important in this day and age as we need to wash our hands to protect us from Covid, but washing our hands regularly or after every task, our hands can become dry. So I have but a little guide together on how to prevent our hands from drying out. theses tips have kept my hand from drying out.

 contents of This blog

  1. Tips hand soft and hydrating
  2. How to wash hands
  3. Hand product recommendation 

Tips hand soft and hydrating

1. Moisturize

This tip is essential for soft hands, As before Covid I never really bothered to moisturize my hand but then Covid hit and hand washing day in and day out every time I finished a task made my hand sore, red, dry, and had cut on them.

it wasn’t until I started moisturizing my hands, I saw improvement such as my hand became brighter, softer, and had no hard skin on them. Also, the skin texture on my hand improved. 

Using a moisturizer regularly can help to protect your skin and prevent damage to your skin. Also, it can slow down the aging process in your hand as the hands are the first to get wrinkles as we always use our hands to do every little thing in our life.  

The most effective way to make your hand soft is to apply moisturizer while your skin still damps after your wash your hands.

I would say try and put moisturizer on your hands 3 times a week with an intense moisturizer.

2.Wash hand with a Moisturizing Hand Soap

At the start of lockdown in 2020, I just washed my hand with any old soap and never really thought about but after a few washes, my hands became sore after washing them with any old soap.

The reason my hand was sore after washing my hands with any old soap was that the soap wasn’t specially made for hand washing which stripped my skin’s natural oil out and caused them to be dry and cracked.

But if we wash our hands with a creamy rich consistency soap it will help users to keep the moisturizer in their hands and only get rid of the dirt on them and in return, our hands will be steady soft.

3. Exfoliate hands

This is a tip people mostly forget about exfoliating their hands because people think it is only the face they need to take care of because that most people will see when it comes to aging first.

But your hands also hand we need to exfoliate as well as our hands get exposed to a lot more things than your face as we always using our hands for every little thing because of this our hand can be subjected to your skin becoming a lot dryer faster.

Which can lead to a build-up of dead skin, so it is extremely important that we exfoliate our hands once a week to keep away dead skin cells and it will make our hands softer and refreshed.

4. Wear gloves outside in the cold weather

keep hands warm in the cold weather
Keep hand warm in the cold weather

Why where glove you are wondering well the simple answer is we tend to lose more moisture through our hands when it the colder months.

As the cold strips the skin of all the natural oils meaning that your skin will become delicate, dry, cracking skin and itchy but if we start wearing gloves outside in the cold we can prevent these things from happening to your hands.

Doing this will also help keep our hands soft. Another little tip is where glove outside means you might not need to worry about touching things and get Covid.

Hand washing Steps

Keeping your hand clean has never been so important as it is essential for protecting yourself and other people from germs and it is important to practice hand washing proper techniques.

Step 1 – wet your hands with clean running water

Step 2 – use a good moistening hand washing soap and soap up your hands until you get a good lather.

Step 3– Scrub the back of one hand with your other hand, making sure to clean between your fingers, then swap your hand and repeat.

Step 4 – rub your hands together with the palms facing each other, clean between your fingers again.

Step 5 – make sure you give in between your thumbs a good scrub with soap 

Step 6 – rinse your hands will with Lukewarm water

Step 7 – turn the tap off with a cloth

Step 8 -Dry your hands with a clean towel

All the steps should take about 30 seconds to do.

Hand Product I would recommend

 Palmolive Naturals Nourishing with milk and honey hand wash

hands washing soap
Hand washing soap

This product is my go-to hand wash as it keeps my hand feeling so soft and smelling delicious where I can’t stop smelling my hands.

When I put the product on my hands it makes me feel like am rubbing in luxury on my hands as the consistency is thick like am rubbing in an oily moisturizer on my hands, in a way it doesn’t feel like hand soap which is amazing.

As some other hand soap can feel like washing up liquid for dishes.  

Nivea Soft Refreshingly soft moisturizing clean  

Moisture for hands

At first, I bought this product for body moisture, until one day I decided to put it on my hands as my hands were creaking because they were dry.

O.M.G once I put it on my hands, I couldn’t stop applying it to my hand it left my skin silky soft.  The Product also is very quick at drying into your hands and if you put too much product it is easy to drag and rub into my arms without getting messy.

Because am not too sure why every time I use any sort of moisturizing cream, I always have it everywhere.

Dove exfoliating body scrub

I just recently discovered this, and it smells amazing leaves a strong scent on my hand after I washed the product. It is also true what they say a little goes a long way as when I first put it on, let just say I end up in quite a pickle. ( am not sure if there exfoliating for your hands but i use a body scrub when am in the shower )

The product isn’t too grainy which is a good thing which is a good thing when applying it to my hands, it leaves my skin texture feeling super soft and polished

After I use this product my hands always feel squeakily clean. I would recommend everyone to use an exfoliator for their hands as it feels like a spa treatment.     

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