How To Wear Knitted Garment to be Timeless and Stylish

Knitted jumpers

Finally, autumn is around the corner time to get wrapped up and cozy by stepping out of your warm cozy bed into an easy stylish knitwear jumper. The best thing about the knitted garment is you don’t need to know fashion to style it a knitted jumper makes a statement on its own.

Knitted Cardigan     

Knitted Cardigan

early autumn you can still get away with wearing no jacket, instead, wear a knitted cardigan as it can act as a transaction garment to keep the cold off you. When wearing a knitted cardigan pay attention to the color and pattern to make your outfit Stand for example if you choose a burgundy cardigan make sure the rest of your outfit complements the colors such as wearing black skinny jeans with a black boot and a white top to give your outfit that bit of a pop. A little bit of a tip – I would also say when wearing a knitted cardigan make sure it hangs off your hips to give cozy cute autumn feel to the look.  

Classic knitted jumper 

A Classic knitted jumper
A Classic knitted jumper

The classic knitted jumper is one of the most amazing versatile pieces ever made as you can dress it up or down depending on what you have planned. A classic Knitted jumper gives an outfit depth and detail because of the texture of a knitted garment. They are some may benefit to styling a Classic knitted jumper. My favored benefit is a Classic knitted jumper is it goes with any outfit. A Classic knitted jumper over a shirt for a smart look or pair the knitted jumper with a black bomber jacket for a casual look.

A little bit of a tip for wear a Classic knitted jumper- Keep the outfit very simple what I mean by this is not to wear pattern trousers or pattern top as the knitted jumper has texture and detail to it and that alone will draw people eyes to the outfit. Keep the outfit very simple by wearing plain colors such as black, whites, and blues

Knitted hoodie 

Knitted hoodie
Knitted hoodie

Knitted hoodie doesn’t have much to say about them. As you can style like a normal hoodie the only difference is it gives a casual look texture and a smart look feel more relaxed. Alternately when it comes to layering a knitted hoodie than a normal hoodie it does not give you that bulk when layering a thin jacket on top or a blazer.  

Roll Neck knitted jumper

Roll neck knitted jumper makes me think of classic Hollywood as Marylin Monroe worn a black knitted jumper with white jeans in the 1950s which makes me think roll necks are one of the most stylish timeless garments to wear. I will admit I haven’t got my hand on a knitted roll neck jumper yet as am trying to find the perfect black roll neck like Marylin Monroe. But I can tell you a little bit about roll neck jumpers. Roll necks are one of the easiest quickest simplest garments to put an outfit together. As light color roll neck jumpers go well with dark color jeans and dark color roll neck go well with light color jeans. Another great thing about roll neck knitted jumper is there are a great garment to layer with. As if you have a business casual meet at weekend in the city you could layer the roll neck with a knee-length tallied coat with a scarf, but r remembers when layer the number one rule is to wear simple colors that complement each other. For example, if wear a while roll neck wear a light brown colored coat with cream jeans and a light grey scarf.   

   Knitted jumpers are like a warm hug


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