How To Wear 4 Different Types Of Jeans to be stylish & comfortable

styling demin jeans

Where would we be without jeans. Jeans are an essential part of men’s fashion. Most people say Jeans make them feel confident. They have unique characteristics that give an outfit style to them. When it comes to different fits of jeans it is hard to know how to style them. I have created a little guide on how to wear different styles of jeans

Slim fitting jeans

slim leg jeans
Silm leg jeans

Most men in their late 20s love wearing the Slim fitted jeans as they tend to wear them for comfort and to get around the city without the jeans being too tight on the leg. Some people would Describe the slim fitted jean and relax fitted jeans as a nicer vision of jogger where you can wear them in confidence in public for social events. Slim Fitting jeans are quick and easy to put on at the weekend if you are too lazy to plan an outfit. In my option, I must say Slim fitting jeans are not a great pair of jeans to wear if you have a skinny Figure like me.

However, a slim fitted jean goes great with people who as a muscular or thin figure as these jeans create a learner look figure on your legs. Also, a Slim Jean’s follow the contour of your legs making your like look great like you just been to the gym. Slim Fitted jeans are always tapered from the hip to the ankle with a narrower leg opening.

Slim fitted jeans are versatile when they come with Style the jean. As when you go for a dark Indigo color you can dress it up with a white shirt and a blazer or you can dress it down if you feel lazy at the weekend with a pink oversized hoodie a white trainer.

Skinny Jeans

skinny jeans
Skinny jeans outfit

  Skinny jeans are a bold Fashion statement, there loved my artist and rock stars. Skinny jeans often give you attuite of Confidence. Men who typically wear this are in good shape. The best people who suit are people with a skinny Straight figure rectangle-shaped body. Most of the time they look great on anybody there are certain figures. They look amazing on a boost people best.

Feather the Skinny jeans are cut extremely snug and narrow from to ankle, skinny jeans are also tight at the hips and around the bum. There is one advantage of wearing skinny jeans is they make you look taller thanks to the tapped finish on them.

Men would prefer to wear skinny jeans as they know that people find skinny jeans attractive. Also, because most men would say that skinny jeans make it easy to make an outfit stylish. In my opinion, I would say skinny jeans make you look wealthier.

To make skinny jeans look great is you need a healthy balance for size for example chunky trainer and a boxy t-shirt throw of your silhouette, so when wearing the skinny jeans try and stick with slimmer tighter why such as things like Chelsea boots or minimalist trainers.

For a Casual look go with a dark jean color with a grey knitwear jumper and a white trainer.

Straight leg jeans

Straight leg jeans
Straight leg jean

A straight leg is your typical classic jean where the first pair of jeans to be invented was by Levi’s. Straight leg jeans tend to be cut straight from the thigh to the ankle which means there roomier. Any figure could wear them, but they especially look great on the larger waist or wider hips.

Straight-leg jeans can create something amazing as they can create a clean professional look. Straight-leg jeans are perfect as there not too loose or too sloppy. The best clothing to wear with Straight-leg jeans is a looser fit clothing in a 90’s style.  

Relaxed Fitting Jeans

Jeans that have a relaxed fit won’t hug tight against your leg as the cut is cut Straight which means the width of the leg remains the same from the top to the bottom of the jeans

The Relaxed Fitting jeans are looser than the regular cut jeans. This type of jeans is more of a casual wear look but could be used a for daytime dress look. most men who wear this type of jeans are in their late 20s or their 30s because it is common for men to wear the relaxed jean for manual labor work. pulse most men would prefer to wear the relaxed-fitting jean in workplaces such as an office or a building site. This is because these jeans are so versatile look for a job now because if you wear a white shirt to work with relaxed fit jeans and you have casual dinner with friends to go to after work you don’t need to bring another outfit to work as your not too business dress or too casual.     

The top tip for styling the Relaxed Jeans- Is to wear a fitted Striped T-shirt with the striped t-shirt tuck into the jeans and to accessories the outfit with a belt and bring the full outfit together with a pair of converse.   

“The Beauty of jeans is it versatility- you can feel comfortable and sexy”


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