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Denim is a must-have wardrobe staple. A denim look is effortless, timeless, and stylish and will never go out of fashion. The truth is denim is for all ages and all cultures from rockers, bikers, cowboys, farmers, hippies, and rappers.  As each culture has added thereon stamp on denim. Before we jump into a guide on how to style a double denim look, we must understand a brief history of denim clothing.

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 Denim has a rich history dating back to the 1800s. Back then people wore denim as a form of protective wear in the workplace, Due to its durable quality. In the 1800s denim was only produced overall. By the 1940s denim was turned into trousers and the cowboy to a liking to denim trousers and start wearing them. denim only became popular in the 50s and 60’s as celebrities such as James Dean and Marlon Brando started wearing denim in films such as “Rebel without a cause.” Naturally, everyone wanted to wear denim through grow into an everyday stable.


Denim is a great way to express ourselves in our own unique way, we must understand the rules of styling denim clothes, and the rules are so simple and easy anyone can master the double denim look. The First rule is to play with denim and the colors but before you dive into the water, play with the different shades of blue and colors and see what goes together and what doesn’t. The easy way to wear double Denim is to mix shades for light shade on the top half of your body and the darker shade on the bottom half of the body. If you want to have all the one color for your outfit go with different shades of the same color to make your outfit pop. An example of a deadly denim outfit is white skinny jeans and denim blue shirt or black skinny jeans and a denim blue jacket.

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 Using different denim shades can be flatter on your body type also the more clothing is flatter on your body the more confident you will be. Light shades of denim draw attention to the body part they are covering, while darker shades can make you look slimmer. Mostly denim on denim look is mostly worn in a form of Skinny jeans with a bagger denim jacket or shirt on top.


The three rules for double denim fashions is do not add any denim accessory as it can overkill the outfit completely. Simple outfits are often eye-catching.  Denim doesn’t need to be just for casual wear don’t be afraid to elevate your outfit with a luxe look element for a night out or a business launch.  A denim outfit should appear an effortless look as you throw it out with thinking of style.

Denim outfit ideas on styling double denim fashion

 Casual wear look for a Sunday morning after a rough night out drinking the night before wearing a like color Denim jacket with loungewear joggers and white trainers with mess up bun for a hairstyle to run to Tesco  to get your hangover breakfast( my personal hangover breakfast is Irn -Bru  and toasted cheeses perfect hangover breakfast)

Have to dress to impress to close a business deal wear a denim black oversize jacket with a white crop top and a  pair of high waist black jeans with a pair of black Chelsea boots with straight hair to be a  salvage in the business meeting. This outfit will bring style to your meet and show you confidence ( I think all suites should be dead as you will not catch me dead  in a suit )

black denim

 Summer stable outfit for everyone wardrobe, A pair of white high waist  jean’s with a blue denim  shirt with black trainers and to accessories, a pair of sunglass and you will be ready for the beach, BBQ garden party or to go on a date with your crush( god  I wish but to busy building a fashion empire)

Demin outfit

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