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Fashion never sleeps and there is endless clothing to choose from. T-shirts have been in fashion since time began. Why? well, the T-shirt is often a quick and easy option for an outfit. One other reason why we love the T-Shirt is because of its super affordability that why we love them so much. Before we start looking into the rules for style a shirt. Let Talk about the history of How the T-shirt grows in popularity.

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A T-shirt for men was invented in 1904 as an undergarment for workmen to wear under their clothing. In 1939 the t-shirt grows in popularity as it appeared as an outer garment on the Wizard of OZ. Soon after the well-known actor such as James Dean and Marlon Brando started wearing a plain white T-shirt to the Hollywood studio and in the film to play the role of bad boy characters.  A decided later in the swing the 60s the graphic tee was born as the white T-shirt became a blank canvas for people to pain social and cultural Statement on to. Also Became a way for an artist to express themselves with paint art on to the T-shirt.   

the rule for wearing a t-shirt is very simple to style. If you want a minimalist laid back effortless look a T-shirt is a great well for this type of style. A plain T-shirt does not always have to make a statement as less is more, the deadliest style for a T-shirt is to wear a basic color such as white, black, greys, and navy with a pair of light blue washed-out jeans. If you want a smart casual business, look pair the look with a blazer or another option would be to pair a plain T-shirt with cropped sailor trousers with a white trainer.  Keeping a plain t-shirt style as simples as this will make you look so stylish without having to plan the perfect outfit for hours on end, in some cases if you have the right hair cut you would look like you step out of a fashion blog post.

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A print T-shirt is a great way of transformation and look, it can also give your style a Wow factor it does mean all over printed have to be loud and in your face. The First rule when styling a colorful printed T-shirt is to wear black or dark-colored jeans or trousers as this will help dye down the bright bold color this rule works like a charm as it makes the outfit simpler and the colors are too harsh on the eyes.   The second and final rule for styling a Printed T-shirt is never layered up with an all-over printed T-shirt as this can make an outfit too busy. Best to wear a printed T-shirt on its own. 

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A Graphic T-shirt is a wardrobe stable because like a plain T-shirt they pretty much go with any style and every garment choose. The number one tip for wearing a graphic T-shirt is to make sure the Shirt fit 1to 2 inches of fabric at either side or stomach for the lengthwise it should end around your hips no lower between the top of the back pocket on your trousers if it comes passed your butt it too long.  A great thing about Graphic T-shirts is you can lay them up with things like a bomber Jacket or a Demin Jacket without destroying the outfit or the style as added laying to a graphic t-shirt will only add to your style to make it pop.

 Fun Fact: A Graphic T-shirt can make you look younger 

Styling a T-shirt  Tips for outfit   

Plain T-Shirt Top Style tip – You can pair a plain T-shirt with a light color Bomber Jacket with a pair of Light washed blue Skinny Jeans with a pair of White shoes that will look deadly if you have light color hair such as blonde.

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Style tip for an elegant look – you can wear a plain T-shirt to look elegant with a simple white or black T-shirt with crop tailor Trousers and white shoes or black shoes.

Style tip for a long Sleeve shirt – If you choose the wrong color for a long-sleeve T-shirt it could end up look like a Pj’s top. Wear colors such as White, Grey, blacks, and navy Tones. You can even were a long Sleeve strip T-shirt.

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Style Tip for Summer – You can wear a plain T-shirt under an unbuttoned tartan Shirt with a pair of Black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots this will give your style a lot of timeless feels. This look will also make your outfit simple but eye-catching.  

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