how to style a hoodie

how to style a hoodie

Long ago before the hoodie became popular, it was specifically designed for athletes to be kept warm when training in miserable weather. The first-ever hoodie was designed in the 1930s. Since then, it has been adopted by hip-hop culture, Skaters, and students. One main reason students like myself wear hoodies most weekdays is because we have no time to plan the perfect outfit because the university has us working literary 24 hours. (well I can only speak for the fashion students as fashion never sleep so it differently a 24/7 hours work a day) Hoodie even more popular in 2021   because of Covid-19 and people have a fear of buying nice clothing just in case another lockdown happens. Never fear you can style look stylish and put together with a hoodie.

hoodie outfit one

Finding the perfect hoodie should be very easy. A perfect hoodie should be fitted at the shoulders and should be sung on the inside with a light soft fleece to keep you cozy. the hoodie should drape the torso and have plenty of room for your belly to expand. The armhole should be a drop shoulder so you can easily move about in. A Hoodie should always be lightweight so it is easy to layer a jacket on top without it bunching up. The number one rule for a hoodie is for the hoodie to be breathable but also keep warmth in. The perfect hoodie should be very simple and have timeless colors, so the hoodie can go with anything.

 You have an important business meeting today but you cannot be bothered get ready well throw on a plain black hoodie with high waist skinny jeans with a pair of Chelsea boots and a black blazer on top and your good to go. This look can say you here for business, but you have an edgy personality so don’t mess with my business.

hoodie outfit 2

Chilling out on a Friday night after a long day at work in your sweatpants and oversized hoodie and you have forgotten you’re going on a night out but too lazy to get dressed up. No need to worry put on a pair of Chelsea boots with a big heel or put on heels.  Then put your hair up in a high poly tail and you’re ready to do. This outfit can say you chilled out and you are here for a good laugh, Also you don’t really care what people think of you.

 If you running around the shop’s wear something easy to take off in the fitting room. Wear the classic go-to hoodie look with an oversized hoodie and jeans and high-tops trainers or suede boots.  Layer the hoodie with a Demin jacket so you have a streetwear double Demin look. The Rule for this looks to make sure you wear contrasting colors when wearing the double Demin.

hoodie 3

Last but not least and also my personal go-to style is to wear skinny jeans, trainers and pair them with a classic timeless bomber jacket. This style is always stylish as it never fails, if your pair the outfit with good contrasting colors you will look like you have stepped out of a fashion blog.  This outfit can say you have a chilled day but you still need to work and you can have a good laugh. When you think about the hoodie it can be a very powerful thing as there at least one million ways to style a hoodie.

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