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People often ask me how you not procrastinate and how do you always work, well to answer is it is made of a combination of certain things such as life experience and failing in center subject at school.

The life experience and failures you go from in your own life will change your mindset to be more productive and not to procrastinate as take time for us not to get the motivation to stop procrastinating but once we go through a bad experience it makes us want to stop procrastinate and maintain our production levels.

I am going to share with you 3 that a bad experience shifts my mindset and made me not want to procrastinate and I am also going to share my 4 tips on how to maintain productivity.

3 bad experiences that shift my mindset to make me not want to procrastinate

The first life experience that made me not want to procrastinate is my cerebral palsy as when people find out I have a disability they disregard me or tell me I can do something without even letting me try it first or they tell me what I am should be doing.

But what many people don’t understand the 2 main key things in my life since I was born is to be independent at all cost, to be able to work like a normal person would.  Where when people don’t see that my mind end up thinking “I will show what I can do and build an empire where you will regret saying I can do that or tell me what I should be doing”

The second life experience that made me be a workaholic and not procrastinate and always works where I get stressed out if am not working is get made homeless at the age of 18 years old because I can remember when I go put into the homeless shelter the full night I was cry where I decided then I will work my butt off to become a fashion designer and be able to not have to worry about people hurting me.

The next day I decided to go to the college library on my day off at 8 am and start working instead of meeting the social worker that was going to help me get a flat as I never ever want to be that person on benefits, so my mind went into survive mood where I thought to keep work to get your dream job to get out of this city and make a life for yourself.

 Because once you get made homeless a city you grow up in will never be a home. Also, I don’t really know why I got made homeless as when I got into university my mum say I come sometimes but not stay permeant.  So, I never really understood why and how I was homeless, but it made me not want to procrastinate and also made me so stressed about getting my dream job. 

 The third thing that made me not procrastinate is Failure at school as when I failed things at school it made me more determined to work hard and not to procrastinate and leave things at the last minute.

These 3 reasons made me work hard and not to do at lot of procrastinating as I do not want to end up back at the start again and have to build  a good productive level up again.

Here are 4 tips that help to maintain productively

1.Make a full to do list of tasks to be done

make a to-do list to stop procrastinate
Make a to-do list to stop procrastinating

I would say this is the number one tip for anything, as it helps you to Rember that task you need to do but I would suggest when making a to-do list sort them into categories such writing important task first with their deadline besides the task in order to know what task you must complete first. then write a list of least important tasks that the deadline is around about 3-6 months away.

Then you can kick your task up a notch by breaking down your important task into smaller tasks to understand what step you need to take in order to complete the task.  I would also set myself center days to complete the center step to complete part of the important task or the full task depending on how big the task is.

I am not going to lie for my least important task I tend to do them 3 weeks before the deadline.  So, I don’t really write a step-by-step on how to complete the least important task.

2.Removing distraction from your environment

Removing distractions to stop procrastinate
Removing distractions to stop procrastinate

This might be hard because of Covid, but as the world gets useful it might be a really helpful tip. When I say removing distraction a few things I do to stop being distracted. The first thing I do Is usually hide my phone on the other side of my flat so am not tempted to go on it and can focus on my work or sometimes I log out my personal Instagram and Facebook.

So that if do go on my phone I can’t get on the apps as I logged out. The next thing I do if I really feel like procrastinating, I will go to the library for about 4-5 hours to get some work done as it helps me to get in a work head mood. Where every night after university I got to the library for 4-5 hours to get work done.

Because it is extremely important that we have a different space to relax in as when we relax in the same place, we work in it can damage our work ethic and make us lazy to where we find ourselves looking on Netflix. So, I think it best we have a different room to work in or a different location to work in like a library.

3.Never multi task on different task focus on one goal 

never multitasking to stop procrastinate
never multitasking to stop procrastinate

Yes, multitasking makes you feel like your accomplishing a lot but it actually prevents you from finishing tasks where we sometimes get stressed about having all these unfished tasks, or even we might forget to go back and finish the tasks.  So what I like to say is to avoid multitasking.

Instead focus on a goal so when I have a certain task to do what I like to do is complete the full ask and give my goal on reaching the next task by the next night.  Doing a task this way helps me not get too stressed and have a complete mental breakdown on not getting anything done and feeling like a failure

4.Vow to reward yourself

reward yourself
reward yourself

Now, this might be a strange tip and I bit you are all asking why to reward yourself when you procrastinate well the simple answer is to reward yourself after a task in order to keep you motivated to be more productive.

It doesn’t need to be a big reward it can be something simple such as watching a tv show or taking a night off or it can be as simple as cooking your favored meal. In fact, when we reward ourselves on regular basics we help our mental health as we feel energized, cared for.

What I like to do is I like to reward myself every Monday and Friday after a blog post goes up. How I like to reward myself if with a good cooked meal.   

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