How To Set Realistic Goals for 2022

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Hello, I am back to blogging once a week as am going back to university.

Goals, Goals, Goals are a big topic to starting the new year, mainly because you can start fresh, but how do people set realistic goals that you will achieve them. well, the answer is very simple, but we have to do 2 steps in order to set realistic goals.

These 2-step work for me as before I did these 2 steps, I use to spend years setting new year resolutions for myself but never really did them, mainly because when people ask me “what’s your new year resolution?” I used to say what I would desire in life not an actual goal but now I know what a goal is.

In this blog post am going to tell you 2 steps to take to making realistic goals in 2022

Step 1 – prepare your mindset for goals

The first step to setting goals is you need to review your full life and decide what you like about it and what you do not like about your life.

What I like to do when reviewing my life is get a notepad and write down 2 lists of what I like about my life and what I don’t like about my life. When am making my 2 lists I consider 3 categories

  1. Relationships

 2. Work/ career / money

 3. Health/ appearance 

For example – on my list of what I like about my life I would put down  I like how I eat healthily 80% of every week and what to keep that up in the new year and on my list of the thing I don’t like about my life is I don’t like being surrounded by people who think it ok to talk about people be hide their back and judge people without being their friend or talking to them and I want to find a way to cut them out.

Once I have 2 lists of what I like about life and what I don’t like about my life, I like to take a new page and write down another 2 lists one of what I want to change in my life and the other of what I want to let go in my life.

For example – on the list of what I would like to change about my life I would write down I want to take a 6-month break from social to cut out everyone and stop depression thoughts and figure out how I am and only upload blogs from a website to my brand Instagram, so I don’t need to look at newsfeed.

On the list of what I want to let go of, I would write down people who pretend to be nice and friendly.

Once I have my 4 lists it is time for me to ask myself 3  very hard questions.

  1. How do I want to feel this year?
  2. What do I want to achieve this year?
  3. Who do I want to become this year?

Usually, when being an asking myself these questions I have to sit in a quiet room for an hour with a cup of fresh lemon tea so I can be alone with my thoughts ( I love being alone it is like hobbies for me ha)  when asking these question try to keep it to this year as it will help when making goals to work on for this year not worry if you get carried away I do to where I just have to keep ask these question until I figure it out.  

The last step in preparing your mindset for writing a realistic goal is to write a letter to your future self in 2023. The purpose of this letter it tells the universe what you would like to happen this year by looking back at 2022 from being in 2023.  In order to write this letter, you need to use present and past tense as if you have already gotten what you ask for.

For an example

Dear universe,

Thank you so much for receiving a part-time job that fits in with my university timetable in 2022. As I love how am gaining experience and being able to use some of my paychecks to buy Kerastase products for my hair. I am so grateful for receiving a graduate job offer after I finish 4 years of university……

And so on am not going to write the full letter as some information in my letter to your future self in 2023 is personal but at the end of the letter, you must sign it with you’re your name.

Step 2 – Get really clear about what you want and build a frame around the goal

Once you prepare your mindset it is time to set one big goal for 2022 by looking about at all the lists you have made and deciding what could your main goal be. Once you figure out your main goal you should write down of bit of paper and look at the goal each night and whisper it out loud to yourself 

By writing something down on a bit of paper and say out loud each day it is more like to come true as it will get code into our mind like a webpage where we work towards our goals without noticing it.

Your big goal could be anything

For an example

After looking at all my list, my main goal for 2022 would be to love myself more and be who the hell I want to be without feel judged

So how would I achieve this big goal is by every Sunday night taking time after my shower to write down and a smaller goal lead up to the bigger goal and whisper out the bigger goal each night as well as the smaller goal until the smaller goal changes, then I would say new smaller goal one out loud as well as the big goal

You do not need to set a new smaller goal every Sunday night it could be once a month.

 for example, my smaller goal could be

 goal 1 – take 6 months off social media to figure how you really are without being influenced by other people or getting depression because you do not have what they have such as boyfriends and being loved by people.

Goal 2 – dress what you want to where not dress for other people start off by where handbags and women tops.

Goal 3- continue to eat healthily and work as it helps me to feel confident about my body also avoid food that makes you binge eat 

And so on. you could have a lot of small goals to achieve your big goals it doesn’t matter how many small goals as it still led to the bigger goal in the end.

These are the two-step I take to set a goal for changing my life or to improve my life, throughout the year I mainly set a big life-changing goal or improve my life goal every season.  By using the step, it helps me to stay focused on my goal and have realistic goals instead of things I desire in life and getting nowhere with them.

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