How to make the perfect Hot Chocolate for Christmas

Hot Chocolate

Before we get started with this blog post I want to say sorry for not posting in almost two weeks, but the truth is I have been busy with university work (yes fashion design is a demanding course) the other reason I wasn’t posting much was because I to a little mental health break. So, I do how you understand. But am back with a lot of Christmas content.

So, time to get festive with Christmas because I live for Christmas ask anyone who knows me.

I have tasted a lot of hot chocolate in my time as before I got hooked on coffee I use to drink hot chocolate 24/7, I think I drank it a bit too much. So, I know how to make mean mouth-watering hot chocolate.

In fact, I am a hot chocolate machine as one time when I was drinking hot chocolate, I laughed and it went up on noise nostril and down the other noise nostril and back into the cup, yes I still drank it after that happen ha.

As I have experienced a lot of hot chocolate in my time. I have sort of come up with a quick easy simple combination I like to call buddy the elf chocolate delight.

The hot chocolate I came up with has a rich, creamy intense chocolate flavor, that will give a sugar buzz and it will satisfied your sweet tooth as the garnishing of the Hot Chocolate will hit your sugar craving.

Hot Chocolate Ingredients

hot chocolate  Ingredients
Hot Chocolate Ingredients

Cadbury instant hot chocolate power

Cadbury chocolate flake

Christmas sprinkles

Almond milk (or a milk of your choice)

Whipped cream


How To Make The Perfect Hot Chocolate

Step one – put 4 teaspoons of hot chocolate powder in a Christmas mug

Step two – put 3- 4 teaspoons of sugar in the Christmas mug (yes, I love sugar)

Step three – bring the kettle to the boil and fill the Christmas mug halfway

Step four – fill the other half of the Christmas mug up with milk for the rich creamy chocolate flavor

Step five- stir very well until smoothie where there no lumps

Step six- top with marshmallows, then put whipped creamy on top with sprinkle on the whipped cream, then put in a chocolate flake.

Step seven – put a straw in the mug get cozy, sit back, put on Christmas film and enjoy the buddy the elf chocolate delight.

Oh, and crack open a tin of Christmas chocolate

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate

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