How To Have Inner Beauty with 5 Weird Unique Tips

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Never ever deceive people by their appearance as beauty is found within. many of us forget about people’s inner beauty as we only judge people on the outside because the media and celebrities have set high standers of beauty.

These high beauty standers can cause us a lot of mental health and physical health problems if we are trying to reach them. In order for us to break down these beauty Standers, we must forget the ridiculous high beauty standers and start with more inner beauty.

Inner beauty is the form of thought we think, and it also forms off how we see ourselves and how we see other people. Inner beauty has nothing to do with physical beauty on the outside. If you don’t believe me that inner beauty has nothing to do with physical beauty, just watch beauty and the beast as you will learn beauty isn’t to do with appearances as you could meet the hottest guy on earth, but he could be very cruel and rude.

Back in July, I started to focus on my inner beauty as I was thinking horrible thoughts and horrible though about myself.  I like to think that I have good inner beauty but am not an expert as am still working on have inner beauty, but I would like to share 6 tips that have made me have good inner beauty and feel confuted in my own skin and almost make paces with negative thought. 

1. Eat a health balance diet

Healthy Eating for Inner Beauty
Healthy Eating

Whenever I get told this it always seems to surprise me because kept asking myself how can eating healthily make me happy, but when I started eating healthy and noticed how the healthy meal made me feel l believe eating healthily can improve your inner beauty as I start to feel more positively about the life and the thing am working on, it made me feel confident and happy about how my body looked and the thing I am wearing.

I decided one day after my porridge and fruit research why eating healthy improve inner beauty and study in the Harvard medical school say that fruit and veg have a lot of vitamin in them to help fight against depression and to boost happy hormones. Which in return makes us feel think more positively about everything in our life’s and seen people in a positive way.  

2. Sleep in nothing but underwear

where nothing but underwear to positive and inner beauty

Recently I have been sleeping in nothing but underwear or fully butt naked and it has improved my overall inner beauty a lot.  I only started sleep in northing because I want to see why Marylin Monroe, let just say am not going back to wear pajamas because it has made me feel amazing. Sleeping naked has to help Not to focus on my flaws or Not think of certain just like “I wish my thigh were skinnier or I wish I could wear that, but I won’t look good in” instead I think “I love my body and look amazing and I can wear anything I want” I also made me feel more confident in everyday life where think I normally won’t do I do. this might sound so weird but sleeping naked made me not judge people a see them in a more positive way and respect people who wear what they want and not give a dam about anything else.

Sleep in nothing has boosted my self-esteem in see me and others in a positive light and I would defiantly recommend it to people. Before I started sleeping naked a few weeks ago I did try researching why Marylin sleep naked, but I could find why she did it.   

3. Write down what your grateful for

write what you’re grateful for

Write down what you are grateful for is it an amazing thing because it boosts your positive thinking and genuinely makes you a happier person this tip has helped me a lot because in the middle of the year I stop doing this tip and it made me feel negative about a lot of things, but when I start writing down what am grateful for a few weeks ago, I started to see there is a lot of things to be grateful for. It also made me feel happy when I wrote down what am grateful for and made me feel positive about life as I noticed the world is not a bad place and then I realized bad thing only happen to make you stronger or the universe feel like you need a bad thing to happen in order to get help from people about your problem before you become the person you have always want to be. Because in order to become who we want to be we have to do a lot of inner work to fix our problems and let go of the past ( am going through a lot of inner work just now I might blog post next year about doing inner work to help you let go of the past and fix your problems it just depends how long it take to work on my inner self )   

4. Take time to Relax


It is important for you to take better care of yourself. As we need to take time to relax for an hour or 2 hours each day as it will improve our overall mood and make us more productive when we do simple tasks. Let me explain if we don’t take time to relax each day overtime we will freak out when our workload gets too much, we will also start to get over stress and only focus on the judgment people say about us.

Whereas if we take time to relax and do the things we love it can make us feel calm when our workload gets too much and we be able to handle stress better.

Am not say have a full-on pamper night each night but if that floats your boat goes ahead. It can be something as simple as going to the gym for an hour for stress relief. ( my doctor recommend I to do this as it will improve my overall mood and make me feel confident) or it could be sitting down with a cup of tea reading a book the list is endless.

What I like to do is I like to go to the gym for an hour forget the day stresses out of me, then I come home and give my face a good old wash, then make a cup of fresh lemon tea and watch superstore as this help to de-stress for the next day so I can wake up fresh.  

5. Always believe in ourselves

This tip might be weird but if you think about it if you do not Believe in yourself or your dream you won’t think positive and looking at things positive as if you do not believe in ourself you be negative toward your people dream you’re the way they look because you would feel like it can’t your dream why should anyone else.

Whereas if you believe in yourself you are able to see the positive in things and motivate people to chase their dream instead of them saying they can’t and you always be thinking positively and you will more like to achieve your dream if you get working at it and not let other people comment get in your way.

I have always believed in myself to be a successful fashion designer with my own brand, I actually believe that am going to be a big fashion designer one day. as I have always believed in myself am not sure how to give tip to try and believe when your feeling lost about your dream. The one thing I could suggest is when you feel lost about a dream listening to the song by Selena Gomez tell me something I don’t know as that always make me feel confited about a dream and dream more about my dream. I would also say not let people get in way of what you want as there are 100 ways of doing one thing and if you have to go against people in order to chase your dream do that because at the end of the day it is our life.     

These 5 steps will help you start your journey on have inner beauty as it helps me have inner beauty and know my worth because in my opinion everyone a 10 / 10 as beauty is not about looks

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