How to find your own personal style 5 Beginner steps

how to find style

Style doesn’t happen overnight. Dress well doesn’t happen overnight as well but over time we learn and improve with style and to dress well. Believe me, a should know, I used to dress in different colors of the rainbow and where godawful things such as red hoodie with blue & yellow top and navy joggers with a white trainer at one point I wore blue trainers.what the hell was I think back then.

my style when I was 15 year old
my style when I was 15 year old

(here the only picture I could find / would share of me where color) this photo makes me cringe so badly

Back then I wore a lot of colors and was trying to get a version of Justin Bieber or an emo sort of haircut. It wasn’t until I left school, I start to find my style, to be perfectly honest I start to find my style because I start to get a bursary for going to college.

my style now at 23 years old
my style now at 23 years old yes my hair is a mess I couldn’t be bothered to straightening my hair

In fact, I didn’t have people such as YouTubers or celebrities to tell me or show me how to dress well. (I did watch one fashion YouTuber at the time call JairWoo) most of the time dress well was through trial and error before I’ve learned how to dress well and find my own style.

Today I’m sharing with you my essential style tip for people who want to dress well.

1. Start With classics Styles

simple and classic style
simple and classic style

When finding your style, think like a chef learning to cook they don’t go into the kitchen thinking they need to create something amazing and original never seen before dishes. They learn the classic recipes and techniques first before adding bits and pieces of their personality and Spain to the dishes. Learn like a chef is the exact same thing with your style.

Because when I start getting into fashion I just star wearing anything and any color. It was until after I left school, I started with a classic outfit such as a plain t-shirt and black jeans. I learn a lot from dressing classic as doing this helps me to understand how to style certain garments and outfits without being too in your face. It also made me understand who to add my personality in my outfits thought to add a jacket, accessories, or shoes. Add my personality to my outfit help my detrend people reaction and how they see me as a person with a certain outfit on which help me realize what type of person I wanted to be and how  I want people reaction to being when looking at my style which is, of course, is timeless.

Please if you try to figure out who you are as a person and how you want to be seen I would recommend you start with this step as it helps you out so much.        

2. Find your style Icon

My Style icon
My Style icon I take all these photos of google ( Adele look amazing wish I could have hair like hers )

Before we look on social media and Pinterest for inspiration on styling a garment, we must find a style icon such as a 1950’s actor or a public figure. I say this because it can help us determine what color we want to wear in our style and what type of cut we want our clothing to be. As we must only use Social Media to get inspiration on how to wear a certain garment not to copy an outfit or style.

For example, my style icon are Marilyn Monroe, Adele Adkins, and Princess Diana style after her Divorce from my style icon I would wear the colors black, greys, Nude colors or dark colors (yes, I do have some color, but my goal is to have a timeless style like my style icon)

I would also make the cut of the garment so because my style icon wears tight shaped clothing, I would wear skin-tight clothing which low keep make me feel confident. 

A bit of advice experiment with different style icon to see which one work for you and if you find a color or a cut that you feel wonderful in, make that our style icon I had many before set on my 3 main style icon.   

3. Take inspiration for imagines to style a certain type of  garment  

Style Inspiration

The reason I say take inspiration from imagines is that when it comes to fashion and style it good idea to have imagined looking at to know a different kind of way of styling a garment and what garment goes with what to help you improve your overall outfit as style is a skill that develops over time.

What I like to do is when looking to improve my style is, I like to go on to Instagram and look at the celebrity or random people I follow and look at how they style things. To get my creative spark to kick in to imagine what outfits that I would love to wear or how I could style something better, like wearing a black top and black skinny jeans or what I could add to my outfit to make my style improve. Sometimes when I look at images for inspiration I imagine a new outfit that I would like to wear on regular basis that are similar to my style icon where I have look on ASOS search up the outfit that imagines wearing and see if I can find slimer product to the one am imagine (sometimes I shop in the woman department as most of my style inspirations  are a woman) if I find a slimer garment  am looking for I would then put it  in my saved items and then if I need a new outfit for something weeks later I would get the new outfit

Take inspiration for imagines on social media and Pinterest won’t only help to improve your style but it will also help you to learn how to style certain garments. It was also making you get inspired to dream about your dream self or sometimes dress like your dream self. Sometimes I feel like Instagram can give us the confidence to dress for ourselves as Instagram is a very positive place most of the time, I say this because only now have I started to dress how I want and not want other people to want me to.  

4. Be true to yourself

Nowadays it is easy to get influences by people on social media. As everyone is prompting that prefect lifestyle where we feel the need to try and have a perfect life or sometimes, we feel the need to have a piece of clothing from a preticalier brand but when we do this we lose our true self. I’m here to tell you it ok not to be fashionable.

A few months ago, I thought I have to have a certain brand or do a certain thing in order to have that perfect life everyone going on about. which let just say it mess with my head. Once  I stop caring about social media and looking a social media every day. Also, I stop being obsessed with celebrity life. I end up becoming back true self where I start dressing for myself and eating what the hell, I want without get like Instagram, and also once I main my personal Instagram private I stop give a dam about what people think of me or what people were saying be hide my back as when people do this there are generally jealous or have big insecurities about there life.

In order to be your true self, we must stop look and be obsessed with social media and stop listening to what people think of use or what people what us to be.  I would also suggest doing the law of attracting to become your true self if you what blog post on please comment below.

5. Realize that you can have multiples style 

This tip is a given everyone has multiples styles because you wouldn’t wear what you wear to work at the weekend or you wouldn’t wear what worn in the summer for winter. Yes, you might still choose the same color or the same cut of a garment, but you style them differently for different occasions or different types of weather.

For am example when I go to university, I wear skinny jeans and a jumper with trainers and my hair tie up messily as I can’t be bothered to dress up to go to university because am not going to meet a prince charming at university (we can’t all be like the upper side east in gossip grail but there no harm in dreaming) as am at university to work. At the weekend I dress differently if am going out with friends or whatnot, I straighten my hair and I wear Chelsea boot with a Cuban heel on them paired with skinny jeans and a nice top. Then to bring the outfit together I wear my black handbag (yes, I were a black handbag deal with it)

So don’t stress if all you outfit doesn’t have the same style or you outfits all communicate something different just tell you self your unique person with may side to them.       

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