How I Fell In Love with Fashion

how I feel in love with fashion

 Today is a gloomy autumn day am sat here with my grey blanket wrapped around me, with a cup of fresh lemon tea and decided to write   a short blog post on how, why, and when I started to get into fashion and how I become to be studying a fashion Degree as I got inspired to write a blog post by someone.  

So, sit back get cozy with a hot drink and find out the weird crazy journey I go through to being studying a fashion degree.

When I was 3-year-old, I used to play dressing up in Halloween costumes and then one day I decided to dress my dog up in them because I thought it was a fun thing to do. As I kept dressing her up, I start to put people’s clothes on my dog and pretend she was going to work in the dog council as I used to think when I was a school, she use to work at the dog council as there was a dog that look the same as her on the movie Cat & Dogs.  

Since dressing my dog up, I have known I was fastened by clothing and not just Halloween costumes but your everyday clothing as I can remember when I was little when I use to go into New Look, I used to want to wear everything one day and touch everything in the store am not sure why I want to do this, but I was extremely fastened and feel excited see the clothes.

When I was little, we went into a New Look at the lot where I start to pretend in my head, I own the New look Store I was just fastened and excited to see the clothes I was happy being around clothing because you can that garment imagine you wear the garment and makeup story about why your wear the garment.

I used to pretend to imagine myself wearing the clothes that wear in the store and being a girl with long hair and where a handbag who was this successful movie star shopping going to red carpet event in the New Look clothing.

As we kept going to New Look like near every week or month (not sure who often we went) I decided I wanted to own my own clothing shop like New look but instead of the logo being pink, white and black I want my logo to be purple and sliver at this time I never had the name of what I want my fashion brand to be.

(At that time, I never know what fashion brand was or a fashion designer was lol)  

Also, when I was little, I used to dress up in people’s clothing as I thought I was amazing because you could pretend to be a different more glamorous person in other people’s clothing. At this time the full concept of working in fashion was a thing in my head or my wired world.    

As I was growing up I kind of disregarded fashion as a job as I thought fashion was working in retail and I didn’t want to do that as I want a successful job in the big world in a big city, but I never forgot the good feeling I got of going into a clothing store or get new clothes.

When I was about 13- or 14-year-old It can chose my subject at school and I want to do business management, but the school never let me do business management and give me the option of picking from woodwork or fashion. So, I choose fashion and soon start to fall in love with fashion all over again.

As I started to study fashion in school, I started wanting to experiment with my clothing, so I use my pocket money to start buying clothing I think my first clothing shop was a Primark, and the first pair of shoes I bought myself was blue Nike shoes.

 Also, around about this time I got told your signature can’t just be your name it needs to be something fancy with your first name and your last name. so, one day I was sitting in class on a non-school uniform day writing my name over and over again before I know it, I had 2 sides of A4 paper filled with the name pkane and it was then I decided I wanted to clothing called pkane.

As I still didn’t understand what a fashion brand was, or a fashion designer was.  

When I was studying fashion at school, I start designing wedding dresses as I thought fashion designers designed wedding dresses, so I started wanting to people a wedding dress designer.  Then after a while, I got told you need to have money to be a wedding dresses designer, so I went off the idea of working in fashion.

Instead, I want to be a fashion model because I would get to where all the exciting clothes and be on the front cover of a fashion magazine but me wanting to be a fashion model wasn’t my best idea as I started to starve myself as I thought you had to be super skinny to be a fashion model.       

 At this point, I was buying my own clothes and watching fashion YouTubers, and researching up different fashion trends and how to look glamorous. So, I would say I was heavily interested in fashion, but people kept saying things or I kept getting distracted by the idea of fashion.

Then one year after I left school, I figure that I want to study fashion thanks to Adele for helping me to go after what I really wanted in life.  So, I started studying fashion in college and my passion for fashion just grow through there and I started moving up the education level to being studying BA fashion at university.  My love of fashion continues to grow stronger as the year goes on.  

Fashion makes me feel happy, ambitious, excited, and also keep my life in a fantasy world, and that is why I want to work in fashion because I don’t want to live in the real world as the real world is so damm god boarding  

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