Effortless Fashion Trends for the end of summer 2021

end of summer fashion trends

2021 is all about having Effortless fashion trends, plus have fun and experiment with fashion and color. Over the summer I have seen a few Trends that I feel like trends are going to be big come the end of summer let read up on your latest trend to kick your butt with your stylish outfit.

An old but goody timeless piece that has never gone out of fashion, A sailor striped t-shirt is back in trend. The sailor’s Stripped look is a wardrobe staple as a classic sailor’s style has no effort or has a lot of planning for the outfit. AS a stripped tshirt or jumper go with anything and everything. Running late to meet a friend for coffee or running late for university throw on a Stripped tshirt and a pair of high waist skinny jeans and you go to. Before you ask the question is it any Stripped tshirt / garment that is in trend and yes there are from horizontal to vertical strip as there a versatility garment.

Black Striped T-shirt outfit one
while & black stripped T-Shirt

As the world goes into a new dawn in history, an all-white look is a big trend as it can mark a fresh start in life and restart your innocents. White won’t only help you be cool in the warm weather, but you will also look like you step out of a fashion blog post as it will give you an elegant person with a successful career feel and look to your outfit.  The Number one rule in wear white is to mix the shades of white from the lighter shade on the top half of the body and the warm tone of white shades on the bottom half of your body. For your Shoes make sure you choose clean cream white color shoes as using a different shade can bring the full outfit together and make the outfit very simple but deadly. Fun Fact if you do not really have a lot of money but you want to seem wealthy wear all white with high waist skinny jeans as white-out can give symbolize wealth.

trend outfit3
White outfit Trend

The next trend seems like it going to be a big trend as the 1970s are creepy back into fashion. You might want to start taking advice from your grandparents as there back in style.  With the 70s back in fashion, it is all about the funky pattern and print with the Floral Print being a big stable.  Very colorful Graphic printed garments are back in fashion as well. So, go wide or go home on the colorful pattern garments. Slowly but surely flared jeans are back. Just be a bit careful of walking onto a university campus as it is rainy hippy’s this year.

1970s trend
1970s Trends

Not only is your grandparent on-trend but your parent is also on-trend (god save us all the old people are taking back fashion) with double breasted blazers with crazy colorful floral print/tartan prints on them. Now if you’re into this trend, Double breasted suits jacket is supposed to fit a specific way. It Should be sung around the hips and wide at the shoulders. The second thing to bear in mind when styling a double-Breasted suits jacket is there are meant to be statement pieces. So, keep the rest of the outfit very simple with a white shirt and black high-waisted jeans with smart shoes. You can however always accessory it with different colored or pattern pocket Square. 

Trend 4
Double Breasted Blazer Trend

There was a Time when I Used to wear color before I started dressing in dark colors and try to be timeless, the last time I dressed in color was 12-13 years old (god what was I think then lol) Eye-catching, hot and dangerous, fluorescent neon color to wear in winter to make you stand out. Choose acid green, muted neon, pink or electric blue clothing that will make you stand out this year.

Wear neon color bright clothing will highlight your bright personality, but the number one rule is making sure you’re not over mixing the colors as it is a risky game and not want to look like a traffic light instead pair these neon colors with soft tones so that they are contrasted. Not worry you still get people’s immediate attention as people’s eyes will be drawn to the color garment on your body.  One of the reasons that neon colors are back is because everyone needs to have a little cheerfulness and brightness in their life after lockdown.

Trend 5
Neon colors Trends

Style Tip for Neon Coloursuse black or natural colors with neon color in order to bring the blond and bright hues into balance. Dark blue legging and Dark blue jeans work wonders with neon Colour as you can wear any neon color and look simple and stylish.

It all about the color in 2021 as not only is neon color is in style, but also a splash of pastel shades is in trend. If you want to look cute pastel colors are for you. Pastel shade can be creative especially in the summer/ spring, to avoid an overload of sweetness is to stick with one pastel tone color per outfit like a pastel pink color too, white jeans and baby pink shoes something like that will do the trick as your outfit will be very simple but stylish cute. Pastel shades work best with natural colors such as white, grey and beagle will work wonders if you want to make your style sweet and more mature.

Trend 8
Pastel shade trend

Style tip for pastel shades is to wear them with denim as the blue hue of the Demin will calm down the popping qualities of the pastel

Last but not least trend for 2021 is statement t-Shirts, with all the different types of colors coming back it is the season to wear playful creative statement shirts. Usually, this kind of Shirt has a funky colorful pattern on them to draw the eye to the shirt itself. The pattern is usually so weird that then not make sense.  Some but not many Statement t-shirt can be very simple with a rich color Patel. often statement t-Shirt is worn alone or over a plain white t-shirt. If you are wearing a statement t-shirt you should keep the rest of the outfit very simple, with natural colors such as whites, greys, and blacks. A statement t-Shirt is the easiest most effortless way to own a style this year.

Trend 6
Statement Shirt Trend


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