Dressing Timeless and Confident on a£100 Budget

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How amazing would it be if you could look back at the old photo and say you haven’t aged a bit since the photo was taking. This is what inspired me to become to dress timeless. A lot of people find it boarding as there is hardly any color in your style. I have always found it empowering because the rich and famous always wear a timeless look. What many people don’t realize is you do not need a lot of money to start dressing timeless, you just need to choose the right color, know where to shop, and do your research.  since being in my 20s a few people have asked me “how do you dress so simple and timeless, is not boarding sometimes.” When people ask me that I want to say I live in a fantasy world where I have a fairly godmother dressing me up. This is far from reality. although I do wish I did have a fairy godmother to make my dream come true.  The truth is I have spent month and years researching and watching YouTube on how to be timeless on a low budget as am far from wealthy, by no means am I saying am an expert on a timeless look, I just want to share the tips that have to help me be dress timeless on a low budget.

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The first step to becoming more timeless is to not follow trends as you will overflow your wardrobe and you will end up with no unique style. Trends are simply a way to make you waste money as trends make you buy into the next season’s collection time after time. As you are being a loyal customer or because you are buying into a lifestyle or a brand story. One of the reasons I started dressing timelessly was due to the fact that I had to wear black every day in school, but I kept dressing timelessly because of old Hollywood actresses’ black and white photos looked such as Marylin Monroe. Old Hollywood photos are more stylish now than they were back in the 50s because the fashion world is moving towards sustainable fashion. The key to getting a Hollywood timeless look is to avoid wearing a sloppy silhouette instead embraces your body by showing off ankles, knees, and hip by wearing thigh clothing such as my personal favorite Skinny jeans. By just wearing high waist skinny if won’t only give you a timeless look but, will make you more confident about your body. Its centrality helps me be more confident.  Although oversize is in style, it should be avoided am not saying you can’t wear oversized clothing as sometimes a timeless look is more classic with an oversize Shirt pair with good quality skinny jeans and a classic Chelsea boot.

Timeless outfit 2

 Always have A go-to outfit for every occasion this is a good starting point for going timeless. I can’t stress enough timeless look is going to take time so be patient. I would start with finding clothing you love wearing and you feel comfortable wearing, then choose 3-4 colors stick to fresh clean colors such as black, grey, white, nude colors as these colors go with every season and style.  for shoes stick to good quality classic shoes, that go with any outfit, such as a black or a white shoe. At least have 2 pairs of good quality dress shoes such as Chelsea boots or a good pair of black leather trainers.

Timeless outfit 3

 When it comes to accessorizing, your outfit does not overdo it with the accessories as too much accessorise can ruin the look, it took me a year to learn this tip as I love to accessorize with rings and bracelets. What helps me to de- accessorize was a Quote “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” by Coco Chanel, I never really understood this at first because I started to do it for pure fun, but after a while, people started to compliment my style and my jewelry. That was when I realized the quote was working. The last final step wears a well-structured jacket. A good jacket completes the timeless look. A jacket is like the ice on top of the cake. To make a jacket timeless and elegant the jacket needs to have a good structure.  The jacket can’t be too crazy as a simple jacket will draw the attention to the full of the outfit 

Timeless outfit 4

It is important to understand that dressing timelessly is so hard at first but rewarding. It takes a lot of patience as it doesn’t happen overnight. It will test your control as to when it comes to sales you are tempted to buy nearly everything. If you keep reminding yourself why you want a timeless look whether it to look ageless or glamorous or to empower yourself, whatever the reason, just be sure your reason is crystal clear and it should be easier to go timeless. The timeless dressing is about being true to who you are and not listening to someone else vision of how they think you should dress.

NOTE: it is not an experience to dress timeless, you just need to know where to shop, here are some of the places and show for a timeless look, ASOS ( be the biggest go shopping for a timeless look as they’re a lot of different brand on there), H&M ( is a good place to shop for a timeless look in the autumn and winter as my timeless style considers of dark colors),  ZARA  is a good place to shop at for timeless jacket and shirts,  the last shop I shop at we a have a little extra money is All saint ( yeah all saint is on the experiences side of thing) 

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