Cruella film review & explanation to 101 Dalmatians


O.M.G when I saw Cruella adverts on social media, I was excited because as I got older I have always wonder how Cruella De Val became evil in 101 Dalmatians. Also, because anything to do with fashion I have always loved because of the styling of clothing.

Also, because I want a job where I can all the sorts and tell people what on-trend. Mainly because fantasy film always has me inspired to dream big and be creative.

I saw Cruella the day after it was released in the UK on Disney +. It was a weird but good experience to watch a new film in your own comfort of your own home.  

I love doing it this way because I had on my pj’s and I brought my bed covers into my living room to get cozy on the sofa with to watch Cruella, I would prefer to do it that way in steady of going to the cinema.

The film itself is inspirational as it is almost relatable in a sense as pre-Cruella was a girl called Estella who wanted to be a fashion designer and when she finally got a job at the house of baroness it shows you that you need to work to get to the top as she started out as a cleaner for the company and she had to struggle to get her creative side noticed. (every new fashion designer understands they need to struggle until they get noticed by people)  

The Film also shows you how someone on a design team might be feeling when a fashion company takes all the credit for their design.

As in the film we see Estella designing something for her to make herself and the Baroness (the head fashion designer and Estella’s birth mother) steal Estella’s design and taking all the credit for the work.

Estella soon learns that the baroness is a very horrible person, in that moment Estella decided to destroy the bareness by becoming Cruella.  As Estella becomes Cruella the plot thickens.

As we learn the Bareness demands the spotlight all the time and if you dare to try a take that away from her, she will create a disaster to become the center of attention but also to destroy the person how to try to steal the spotlight from the bareness.

Throughout the film, I was deeply inspired to change my style and dress for power/ dress to kill. In a way, I would also say the film made me feel confident in my dream and to do whatever it takes to get my dream and to not let anyone get in my way when am trying to chase my dreams. 

The film also made me feel very creative and full of ideas for clothing collection and fashion show ideas as fantasy and romances films inspire me to design.

The end of Cruella made me understand why Cruella wanted to kill the dalmatians in 101 dalmatians.  As you find out because the baroness demands the spotlight after she gives birth to Cruella she wanted her butler to kill the Cruella so the baroness could say she had a stillbirth.

The butler could not go through with it so he gives Cruella to one of the baroness maids to look after Cruella. 

A few years later after Cruella was born the maid went to visit the baroness to ask for help, but the baroness felt threatened by her, so she had her Dalmatian kill the maid how was Cruella adopted, mum.   

At the ending we see the baroness arrested for all the evil she had do and the family fortune was inherited by Cruella.

This film helps us to understand 101 Dalmatians better as we now know why Cruella wanted to kill the Dalmatians. It was clear because she felt that the dogs should be killed for killer her adopted mum.

Also, I think it was because she missed her adopted mum and wanted people to feel her pain and also I think it was also because no one help her to deal with the murder of her mum mentally.    

This Film is in my top 5 favorite films because it has everything I love in a film amazing fashion, secrets, power, and wealth and I feel these 4 things make a great receipt for a great entertainment film.

Even know the film has a very weird disturber sad plot the film seems to uplift my mood and make me feel very positive about think  which I think we all need a film like that after lockdown if you haven’t seen Cruella I would differently recommend it

here is a link to the trailer to Cruella     

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