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Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is timeless that keeps rising from the ashes year after year, you could say a bomber jacket is stable in the fashion world. The reason the bomber is so popular is that it requires no effort or planning an outfit For the bomber jacket. In 2020/2021 they shot out like a cannonball as when people were in a lockdown they could not care less, in my optional I think we should keep the motto up for the full of the years as it is uncentering times. So, don’t stress keep it simple, I have you covered with feeling confident and stylish with no effort at all so wearing a bomber jacket. 

 bomber jacket

Firstly, let talk about the fit of a bomber jacket a perfect fit should complement the rest of your outfit. The Perfect fit should always rest loosely on your hips, the cuff should go past or just above your writs no matter what the fit, the cuffs should not be too tight or too loose. The collar should fit Comfortable around your neck.  The ultimate bomber jacket should be a lightweight garment with soft brushed fleece cotton inside to keep you warm. How do you style a bomber jacket to make your outfit pop I hear you ask well, the beauty of a bomber jacket is there never go out of season which means there is a  variety of style to suit your outfit needs.     

outfit 2 bomber jacket

A plain bomber jacket is perfect as you can look timeless. If you want to draw attention to your outfit a street style would be perfect for this. A lot of people do not like the Street style because they misplace the mean of street style because when they think of street style they think of the 80s with hats and very oversized hoodies with baggy jeans, but a lot has changed since then. Nowadays street style can be defined as Casual clothing. To look fabulous in a bomber jacket and involuted people think your street style, Require no effort what so ever even getting ready at the weekend has never been easier you could even have an extra hour in bed and not having to worry about look stylish as the bomber jacket does the talking for you. A few drinks after work Chuck a plain bomber jacket over your work clothes. Running late to meet a friend for coffee pair a plain bomber jacket with a white top,  black skinny jeans, and a pair of white trainers or Chelsea boots and you are ready for the weekend. Another Causal look would be a burgundy slim-fitting hoodie paired with a tailored crop grey trousers with a plain white trainer. If you want to dress a bomber jacket up for that special occasion or that wedding, you have to go. You could wear a white shirt with a pair of high waist trousers and a good pair of black Chelsea boots. Any of these styles with plain bomber won’t only help you look more stylish, but it will give you a confides boots as the bomber jacket will do the communicating for you.

 bomber jacket

Printed bomber jackets are come back strong in 2021 here are a few tips on how to style printed bomber jackets and be on-trend when they come back in season in summer/ autumn. Wearing a printed bomber jacket is a great way to reflect your personality and communicate your feeling as well as make a simple outfit pop out from the crowds, as well be stylish without being too in your face of an outfit.  Running odd jobs here and there about the city but can’t be bothered to plan a good looking outfit but you still want to show your Personality throughout your outfit, throw on a black fitted hoodie pair it with black skinny’s jeans and plain white shoes .chuck on a printed bomber jacket on top to bring the outfit together.  Found out you have a summer BBQ last minutes and have nothing to wear, dig deep into your wardrobe and wear a white and black striped t-shirt with a pair of black crop tailor trousers and a Navy canvas shoe. Toss on a fun printed bomber jacket to show you’re here to have fun. The top trick with a printed bomber jacket is to keep with rest of the outfit plain with nude, grey, and blacks’ colors.  Alternately printed bomber jacket is a great way to be stylish going to Gym.  Dash on black work out leggy with a white crop top and black trainer, pop on a camo printed bomber jacket to show you are on a mission to get fit.

outfit 4 bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are a great light thing to have in your wardrobe for the day that your two tried to make an effort with the outfit but still want to make an effort. A bomber jacket is essential in everyone’s wardrobe.  

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