Body image affects negative though on men too

Body image

Over the last couple of years with social media take over the world, Body image Issues have emerged with 80% of women have struggled with body image issues, but men also have body image issues as well. Over 28% of men age 18 or above have body image issues. It is no secret that the media, influencers, and celebrities can be damaging to our mental health. Many of us developed body image issues through watch TV, influences and searching celebrities’ lifestyles up, As most influences and celebrities promote weight loss or promote things such as  “get a six-pack with this product. quick ” In this blog I want to raise awareness and what effects it has on us and also talk you through my body Image Issue.

Body image

 Body image has very little to do with your actual appearance. In fact, Body image is how you think and feel about your body. It is very easy to get negative thoughts about your body when millions of people are promoting weight loss or show off how skinny they are.  Reports have said 43% of people in the UK have felt self-consciousness of their own body’s when seeing other people posting gym selfies. Men have also said seeing intense home work-out videos on Instagram has made them come addicted to joining the gym as they feel the pressure of looking a center way. Social media is changing how we see ourselves in the mirror for the worst. The effect does not just stop at social media as men also struggle with their height and hair loss when they have body-related Issues. Research has found hair loss is linked to have low self–esteem and the stress of how their body should look as the media tell men they should be lean, strong, and muscular. This is down to the fact men are always portrayed with six-packs in male beauty and grooming adverts which are unrealistic making men who are watching the advert stress about their own bodies.    

body image

It is not all down to social media / or the media that cause body image issues today, it can be some people who are in our life. As some people always point out your flaws or call people  “fat “or “cubby”  also people can Peer pressure to look at the center way. 37% of people in high school have experienced this and these things can be very damaging and can still be with them in adulthood as well.  Am not going to lie ever since I was 15 years, I have struggled with body image issues, and it all started when I was in school.  Up until I was 15 years old I was blissfully unaware of the pressure of looking good until I start to get spots and people started to point them out to me or saying “you have a big red spot there I can I pop it” when I was in school I acted like I didn’t care about. When I was outside of school, I used to search up each night how to get rid of spots where I try everything, toothpaste, lemons on my face, and more but this was just the start of my body image issues.  When I start to experiment with fashion and wearing skinny jeans for the first time, people start saying “ you’re getting a bit fat maybe you should slim down a bit” at first I never listen to them but over time I start to believe I was fat even know I was skinny. I start to not eat after 7 pm and most times I started to skip lunch and down a 2-liter bottle of water. Before long I lose a lot of weight where I was underweight, sure people start saying “your so skinny it amazing” I act like I was happy but a night, I search up way to lose weight as I want to lose more, I even search up celebrities’ weight as I thought no one could say anything to me if I was a celebrity’s weight.

body image 2

Now as an adult am a healthy weight and I just do not listen to the comment, but someday is hard, someday I want to hide and someday I want to starve myself. Most day I have an anxiety of what people think of me or if they think am fat, it is something am trying to work on every day.             

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