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Starting up a blogging company is really hard work because it is hard to know what to do if you do NOT want to be an Influencer. A blogging company is a very demanding job and takes a lot of time and penitents to start it up. As you will have to write a lot of different types of content until you find a style flow of traffic and readers on the website, it is very challenging as am trying to make my company be heavily focused on fashion as in 3 years I would like to come out with a clothing collection.

Before I decided to change my business, I was selling my design on to garments using paid marketing in google and social media ads which if you ask me using paid market is really stressful as your focus on that one sale to cover your marketing cost and to measure the success of a business. A month and a half went by and I still had not made any sales so I decided to change my business to blogging as blogging is a market technique.

I was hesitant at first to the change as I do Not want to be an influencer. I was also so puzzled by the fact on how I can turn my blogging company into a full-time job after graduation without being an Influencer and earn a liveable wage. But then I got told blogging is the route into self-employment as you could do anything. So, I decided to give it a go as I have nothing to lose as I do not need to make an income just now as I get my student loan.

People many find blogging is an easy job where you sit down and do nothing all day. the reality of a blogging company is far from true as every day I have a lot of different types tasks to do to make my blogging company a successful brand with the next 18 months.

Typing A Blog

The first task of blogging is research, research, research on the topic am writing about such as fashion trend it normally takes me 1-2 day to research for a blog post. There is something cool about research up fashion trends because for a Split moment I step outside of my normal life and imagine I am this glamorous person with an amazing life as I am trying to think of an event where you can wear the center fashion trends to in my blog posts.

After the research comes the part when I have to use my own life experiences to put in the blog post and turn the research into my own words. Then I would start writing a first draft of the blog post. After the first draft of the blog, I like to research SEO marketing words to put into the body blog post to rank in the search engines (SEO is Search engines optimization which is a process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic use keywords that people search up in the body of your blog it is unpaid slow build marketing technique)              

A few hours later I would go back to my blog and proofread and edit the blog post use the SEO keyword to put in my blog and make sure the blog is readable. Then come the fun little tasks to blogging. The photoshoot of a blog post, first I was confused about how to do a photoshoot to make it look like a blogging company. As I do Not want to be an influencer. Not to get me wrong I understand how to do a photoshoot professionally as I study a night course in photography when I was at college. After uploading a few blogs post I learned that I could do a photoshoot of the outfit on a nice background.  Then I would design the social media post and promote my blog which is really hard to get people to see your post and share your post on social media. The last step is always learning and researches up how to make your business better.

I have been told and search for starting a blogging company is a slow build-up as I won’t see any or hardly any traffic for a while. SEO marketing takes at less 6-12 months to work. Also, I won’t see a steady flow of traffic for at least 18 months which I think is best slow and steady win the race. I still see the bigger picture of my company as I imagine myself in 5-10 years walk down London Oxford street with black Chelsea boots with a Cuban heel, black high waist skinny jeans, and a white satin shirt. Going to pkaneonline office floor which will be on the 5th floor of a building. 

Most of the time am researching and writing and coming up with blog post ideas and try to find traffic. the reality of blogging is fun, flexible, and super challenging but  “Ain’t about how fast I get there, Ain’t about what waiting on the other side it the climb” Miley Cyrus because when you think about it true because if you want your dream badly enough you will never give up.

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