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law of attraction

Law of attraction is the power everyone has to control their lives and to use the power to shape your life into your Desire life before you ask, “but if everyone has the power why can’t be born with the life we desire.”

Well, the simple answer is we are born in a life that might not be our desired life yet because the universe wants us to go on a journey of figure out what our dream life is and also to learn how to control the power.   

I like to describe the power of the law of attraction like frozen where Elsa had to learn to control the power because once you unlock the power there is no stopping you from what you can achieve in life.

Over the year I have been doing half law of attraction to get the universe to try and give me anything I desire. It was until a few months ago I started to do it properly. Where I think I have finally locked to a true power to get the universe to work with me.

My Experience with the Law of Attraction process.

When I was 17-year-old people kept telling me to make a wish at 11.11 every day and it will come true. I never really understood why people were saying that, so I never ever do it until a few months later.

The first time I try it was at night time and thought let tries it to see if works what I have to lose. So, I whispered out loud “I will get into college to study Fashion design” I started saying that over and over again every night, where I was beginning to lose hope so one week I never did.

The week after that the universe gives me an opportunity to achieve my goal by giving me an email inviting me to an interview. There and then I had thought running through my head such as “did my wish come true, did I make it happen, do I have powers” so that night I start saying “I will get into college to study Fashion design at” 11.11 pm.

At the end of the interview, I have offered the place a collage and after the interview, I was like cool now I don’t really need to make a wish now so I stop. After that I everything went to hell in my life apart from college as college was going really well.

 Fast forward 1 year later, I was now 18-year-old and one night I was sitting in a horrible room think how I get out of this place and change my life so I turn to the law of attraction (at this point I never know I was doing the law of attraction) again so at 11.11 pm every night I start making a wish “I will get a 1 bedroom flat” and 2 weeks later it came true and I got the flat.

At this point I was thinking to myself do I have some sort of power because every time I say a wish or a goal at 11.11 pm it seems to come true very quickly, I still never understood it was the law of attraction I was done but I decided to say bigger goal such as “I will pass college” or “I will get into university” every night at 11.11 pm until I achieve those goals  

It was until my first year of university I realized I was doing the law of attraction and I was only doing half of law of attraction, when I started doing the full process, I end up getting more opportunities in my life to help me achieve my goals.

Rules of Law of Attraction.  

A human being is like a 24/7 magnet as what you think and feel you will receive the same thought and feel back for example if you feel like you are poor and do not have enough money for anything the universe will make you poor and not have any money.

In simple words, the universe is the law of attraction, where it is always working whether you choose to believe or not, but if we work with the universe, we will unlock the power to our desired life.

Am not saying if you say something it comes true as you need to get off your lazy butt and work for example let say you want to attract your future boyfriend and you say at 11.11 pm “you will get a boyfriend” and you still sit in your house each night doing nothing about well you not going to get

But if you start to say “I will get a boyfriend” at 11.11 pm and start being sociable the chances I will come true because in order to receive something you have to meet the universe have way.

Step to take to use the law of attraction   

Declutter mind!!!

Before we start using the law of attraction will have to do some work, by clearing out our mind of what we pretend to ourselves what we want when in the actually we do not want that we tell people what we want. Also, we must Declutter our minds of any negative thoughts and mislead thought at the back of our head that try to take us in the wrong direction to what we truly desire in life.

I don’t mean to do this step once and forget about this step but we must do each day to be focused, positive, and remind of the right path to our goals. What I like to do is I like to take 10-15 minutes each night to clean my head just by sitting down or through a mediation video on YouTube

 once we are clear we can understand what we really want in life and understand how to set goals to get our desires in life.  

Take control!!!

law of
take control

We must take control of our life by writing down our desired life in great detail. When your start to take control, we must take about 1 hour each week to write down what we truly desire in life is great.

For example, let say part of your desired life is to have a red car instead of writing down what a red car writes down you what a red car with white seats inside and white and red steering wheel.

As if the universe can give you any red car if you do not describe what you what it to look like to the very last detail. 

when we write what we truly desire in life or the life that we want we end coding our desired life into our minds we will end up working toward our desired life l without realizing it.

Once we wrote down our desired life, we can use it to help us to figure out what small goals we have to take in order to achieve them. Once we know the smaller goal, we can take control by achieving these goals.

For example, let say you want to be a fashion designer as your desired life job is your goal I could pass BA fashion small goal like this will help you to remain focused and take one step closer to your goals.

But we must not let any mislead our thought or goal if they say go do this to get your dream job as you always must go with your gut feel as your gut feels in unusual right, well that what I find.

Let go of attachment

 In order for the law of attraction to work, we must let go of the past to move on to receive what we desire as when we hold on to the past, we just replay that memory over and over again and have the same emotions every day. Where we can close ourselves off to the world and not try new ways to try to reach our desire.    

No worry if you struggle with this until a few weeks ago I struggled with this but once I let go of the past a lot of things changed in my life where I feel excited about life. I use this affirmation to help me

 “ I release and let go of my doubt and worry and pasted, that I can attract more abundance in my life and good energy.”

Also when we let go of things we can not be anger at the world or anyone / says negative things about people or bad months people hide their back or what we try to manifest will go horribly wrong as if you speak negatively of people we will receive back.

So when let go make inner pace with everything and everyone because what I noticed is when I let go of things the world isn’t a nasty place it actually exciting.

read more my blog post on how to let go

Be grateful

When we acknowledge the good things big or small our life will become better as we will start seeing the positive in life and you will Receive more good thing from the universe as your show them your appreciation for there help.

I like to be grateful for every little thing because you never know what going to happen next as what you have now will become what you once had I sometime say “ I am grateful for  the salad I had and the workout I did “

So say thank you to everything to receive what you desire.

Think positively

The law of Attraction like to attraction thing that you are thinking, what I mean is if you are thinking “about wanting a cheeseburger for dinner” but you actually really hate the cheeses burger the universe will think you truly want a burger and give you.   

So, if you’re thinking negative such as “they hate me” the universe is going to make them hate you were as if you positively thinking you will receive good thing and receive more opportunity to reach your goal. Not only will positive think help reach your goal but also help you feel happier in life.

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Make a wish at 11.11pm.

make a wish to the universe
make a wish to the universe

I am not sure why making a wish at 11.11 pm works but it does for me.  Sometimes when I see 11.11 is like getting a prize as it put me on me a spot even when am feeling down or low, I will still get excited to see 11.11 because it put me in good energy.  As I know I can communicate with the universe and tell them the goal am trying to reach, but I have too many goals.

So, I tell the universe at 11.11 pm my goal and wishes for my career and send we little sign throughout the day to tell me the next step to take to achieve my goals. Or in some cases, the universe gives me a new opportunity to get my careers goal.

There I one thing that you must get never forget about the law of attraction is the energy you put out the universe give you the same energy back so be positive as you do not one of your career goal or other goals to turn into a negative thing.

Am not an expert in the law of attraction I have just been doing it since I was 17/18-year-old. These books help me to know more about the law of attraction

The secret

Good, vibes, good, life   

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