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Thanks for visiting my website, where my aim is to bring you quality, individual apparel. 

The Story of pkaneonline started as far back as the age of 13 years old when I practiced my signature, writing my name in all different Ways ( as you do at that age).

by the third A4 sheet of paper, I had shortened my signature to pkane and it was then I decided pkane should be something, but what? 

A year later I started studying fashion in school, experimenting with Style, and beginning to dream of having my Fashion brand. 

Fast-forward to the age of 19 and I applied to Study Fashion at university and my passion for fashion.

So, at the beginning of 2021, my dream finally became reality and I launched pkaneonline giving people fashion advice. As I have experimented with a lot of different styles in my time. Also, I will speak through my own experience on self-care tips. AS over the years especially over lockdown, I found great self-care tips for surviving and what to share with the world.

With this platform am hoping to create a community for people who need fashion advice to make their style pop and for the people who need a bit of self-care as I want this community to be for people who can share anything and go to so they don’t feel alone


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