A Letter To My Future Boyfriend(wherever you are)

A Letter To My Future Boyfriend


So today’s blog post, I decided to write from the heart, as you can tell from the blog title “A letter to future Boyfriend.” I mainly decided to write this blog post because I had a strong urge to share this with the world, I think it was because the universe was guiding me to write this post and share it with the world.

So, I decided to take a leap of faith and write this post, before anyone starts screaming at the screen You Always talk about love.  

Yes, that is true 80% of the time I talk about wanting to find love and wanting to have a boyfriend where am problem a broking recorded by now. I am not sure why my friends put up with me talking about wanting to find love (ha).    

At first, when I thought about writing a letter to my future boyfriend I was like “Is this a crazy thing to do? do people want to read it? What is the purpose of writing a letter to your future boyfriend?”  

As these questions were running through my head, I decided to do a google search as you do.

A partly writing a letter to your future boyfriend sends a strong message to the universe that you mean business and your manifesting love into your life.

So, let me bite the bullet and put my heart on my sleeve and I will share with you my letter to my future boyfriend and you can understand more about why I want a boyfriend, plus I did say in my last blog post I will be sharing the full journey to my Prince Charming with you.

Here goes nothing….

A letter to my future boyfriend

Dear Future Boyfriend,

Firstly, let’s get Something Straight, you’re going to have your hands full with me. This is not a part-time position, being my boyfriend is a full-time position. I will not accept being brushed to the side-line or being messed about as I take love very seriously.

I am crazy 95 % of the time. What I mean by this is I live in my own wee world, fantasying about all sorts of things. I also ask extremely weird questions that probably seem very funny but the extremely weird questions I ask. I really want to know the answer to. Then the most important questions. Sometimes I can be needy at times. I can overact to the smallest thing. However, my love will make up for my crazy weird personality. As I put 101% of my heart into a relationship and because am very royal.  

Before I start describing what our relationship will be like if you date me, there are some things you need to know about me first.

I am not really great a talking to people at first, mainly because am unsure if you are a safe person to talk to, as you probably need to start speaking to me first so I can read your energy, so I know what type of person you are.  (If you haven’t guessed already am a very spiritual person.) sometimes I live in my own we world where I avoid people, so you will probably notice me first and you will need to stop me if you want to talk to me because I would probably walk past you.

Oh, but once you get to know I am alright about talking to you. I am also obsessed with Adele and listen to her 24/7 and use quotes and references that she uses most days, so I hope you can put up with that.

Sometimes I need space to be alone because being around too many people like 5 days a week drains me out, where I need to be alone for a day or two to re-charge myself, I won’t say this is a bad thing because we would have more time to spend together.

What I am trying to say is being around and seeing like 9 or more people every day is very draining where I feel like I need to re-charge myself by taking a break from seeing too many people every day, but seeing 1 or 2 people is enough for me to be at my best while I recharging myself, so we would have more time to spending with each other without being around too many people.

Sorry if that didn’t make any sense but am trying to tell you everything, so you don’t get scared of me (ha) I am kind of hoping you can put up with me wanting to be alone sometimes.  

Also, just a word of warning you will feel like you are on a roller-coaster being my boyfriend because 1 minute am crazy the next minute am just normal and the next minute, I say weird without thinking about them first.

I have told you a lot about me, time to tell you what I want our relationship to be like. I want someone to love me for all of my side good, bad & crazy sides. I want someone to talk to, I know this might seem a weird thing to say but I want someone to talk to about my weird ambitions, my fears, and to talk to about life in general because I want you (my future boyfriend) to listen to me and make me feel safe and secure of the thing I think.

I also want you to hug and kiss me for no reason just because you love me, pretty much I want our relationship to consist of cuddling on the couch watching a film, someone to go on a walk around the city with, someone to laugh with and talk with, someone to love me unconditionally.

The type of person I want you to be like is someone who is kind, friendly, nice, easy to talk to and you listen to me. You also need to take the lead if that makes sense. What I mean by this is you act like a man in the relationship because I act like a woman most of the time more than most of my friends, to be honest with you. Also, you need to be 100% royal and you cannot be interested in other people and if someone hits on you, you’re not afraid to say, “you have a boyfriend.” Oh, and you are not afraid to hold hands with me in public.

I am kind of hoping we meet soon because am sick of waiting on you to find me and hope you find me by the end of 2023.

Love from Paul xxx (your boyfriend hopeful)

P.S wherever you are come a find me now

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