A Starter Guide To Let Go Of The Past And Step Into Your True self- Part 1

let go of the past

In life, we hold on to the past or something that keeps stopping us from moving on and turning the page in our life. we hold on to things because most of us fear the unknown. We also get scared at the idea of letting go of something, where we keep holding on to something until we are no longer living in the present day and then we end up losing ourselves as we keep be the same person in the pasted.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was holding on to a lot of things that no longer serving me as the thing I was holding on to was from college and High school. The things  I was holding on to were keeping me in the past and not been able to move on and grow up.

Since August I have been doing a lot of inner work on myself and building confidence as I want to move on in the Oder to grow up. Also, because there is one goal, I would like to achieve by the time am 24-year-old. (before anyone asks what the goal is it is a personal goal that I don’t wish to share with the world) 

Since then, I have found ways and little tricks to help me let go of the past and I want to share with the world. I am not an expert on this topic as am still learning and have a lot more inner work to do, but as a brand, I think it important to understand & share the development growth of the brand owner as it could help someone out there to start let go of the thing that no longer service them. 

1. Look Back at your past

This tip is essential for moving on as in order to let go of things, we must evaluate our life understand why we are holding on to things. When I looked into my past there was at least 3 major thing that was stopping me from growing and moving on.

Once I had identified what was holding me back, I took a note of the 3 things that I was holding on to and wrote down why they think were holding me back.

The reason I was holding on to things supersized me, as there were a bit stupid now think about it. The first thing I was holding on to was a childhood dream of being on magazine front covers as I only want to be on magazine front cover to make people jealous when people used to say in school, I wouldn’t get my dream. Which kept me back in all areas of my life.

As I thought I had to stave my self to be stick skinny to be on a magazine, I also thought I had to act a certain way as well, such as always posting on Twitter and saying thing like when am on the red carpet.

The second biggest thing is so stupid that I can’t believe I got hung up by this thing (am not going to do into detail what it was), but because I wouldn’t let go until now, I felt that I had to keep the same style that I had in college and keep my hair dyed to keep someone interest in me.

The third biggest thing that was stopping me from letting go of the past, was a friendship from school as the friendship wasn’t really on my every other level anymore as I want to do more things and build a career and they want other thing in life. The friendship was hold me back after it ended because I still was hung up on how many good times we had and  I wanted to go back there, where because I was stuck in past, I felt like a couldn’t make friends or have a new friendship groups for at least 3 years as I still wanted to go back to the past,

so, I kept myself to myself and never talk to anyone. As I kept hold on to maybe one day would have the old day back. As I learn to let go of things, I came to realized that people stop being friends in order to grow and become their true selves.

(yes am the type of person who holds on to thing a lot it very long process as it hard to let go back but at least and let go thing that no longer service me now.)

Once we learn how why these things are holding us back we can start the process of letting them go and keeping them in the past. How we do this can be done in a few ways:

– Distance yourself from the thing that is hold you in the past

What I mean by this is if it someone who use to be your friend and you have them on Instagram unfollow them as seen picture of them keeps you living in the old day when you use to do everything together and have fun memories and you will feel like you wanting to go back there where you keep hoping that one day you get them back. 

For me I had to Unfollow a lot of people on my Instagram from high school as every time I saw there post I felt like had to keep try to get on magazine (I do have some people still from high school on my Instagram but there the people that not make me feel like I have to be on magazine why I see there post on Instagram)

I also had to distance myself from Instagram and YouTube as I kept look at celebreality life and try to copy their lifestyle as I thought that how people have to live in order to be on magazine so I could make people jealousy that I went to high school with. ( even know that not me now as I just want to be a fashion designer with my own brand) 

– Meditation to help you move on

 I never use to be into meditation but what it did for me was amazing as it help me control my negative thought as when we live in the past, we tend to get negative more about every little thing as we aren’t happy with ourselves.

Meditation also helps me stop looking at the past and living in the past as it helps me to focus on the future and to be motivated about the future. Another thing that helps me on a daily to not focus on the past is looking at inspirational quotes to help me stay in the present day and look to the future.

I have an app on my phone that give me inspirable quotes every hour to keep me not focus on the past and be motivated about the future the app called I am Daily affirmations     

– Allow time to grave for the past in Oder to let go of thing that no longer service you

A big part of letting things go allows for a few weeks to grave for your past because in order to let something go you have to say goodbye to it and make peace with it, the best example I could give it like when someone dies you need to bury them to say your last goodbye and start the healing process.  In this case, you to say goodbye and leave it in your past in order to heal and become a better version of yourself to be your true self.

After you have done this process you will feel lost you wonder who you are as you have been holding onto the past for a long time. The way I like to see it is we you let go of the thing that no longerserves you, you can reinvent yourself into your true self which brings me out to my next point

2. Write down who you really want to be

Write down how you want to be to let go of the past
Write down how you want to be to let go of the past

Once you completed the let go of the thing that no longer serves you process, think about who you really want to be such as what style would you like to wear, what type of personality you want, what would you what people to see in you when they look at you.

This will help you move on instead, of keeping you living in the pasted as when we first cut something out that no longer servers us anymore it is easy to go back to our old way if we do not have anything to focus on.

How I did this was a law of attraction method ( I think the method I use is one) As I wrote a letter to my guardian angel ( well one of my Guardian angels as I feel like I have more than one)

When writing a letter to your guardian angle describe in detail who you want to be in the future, such as write do your dream style, the way you want to act in life and what type of thing you want to be interested in it.

As when we write a letter to our guardian angels on paper it will come true as your guardian angle are there to help protect you, get the life that you desire, and also give you life lessons to help you grow and get stronger. Something when you are going through a hard time and you ask for your guardian angels to help they might not help as they might want you to go through a hard time to help you get stronger or reinvent yourself.      

Little tip – the reason you are attracted to something is because that is who your true self is let me explain say you are attracted to a timeless fitted style clothing, but you wear a baggy jogger, and you feel uncomfortable wearing the jogger that because your true self I want to wear timeless clothing not baggy jogger as your gut feelings / though is the true person you want to be. (hope I explain that well)

Once you write down what type of person you what to be, you must take a new page and outline a step-by-step goal plan in you becoming your true self. Your step-by-step goal can be as simple today I will start switching my backpack for handbags. It does really need to be a big step as taking smaller steps will help you get you to who you desire to be.    

Once you start doing these little goals you will no longer be focusing on the past or going back to your old way and hold onto the past.

3. Work with the universe and in return you will receive what you ask for 

work with the universe to let go of the past
work with the universe to let go of the past

This tip has helped me out a lot to let go of the past and move on. As of a few weeks ago, I was asking the universe for something but not receiving it because I wouldn’t work with the universe.

We all have the ability to work with the universe, we just need to do some steps to show the universe we are working towards what we have as the universe for.

By showing the universe gratitude every day for things. How to do this is to write down 5-10 things you are grateful for each day. As when we do this the universe know that we are thanking them for use achieve our destiny and the universe is more like to help us out more

We can also work with the universe by putting our trust and believe that the universe will fully support and guide us to our destiny as when we open our minds we are saying to the world that anything is possible and we are telling the universe we are open to anything and every experience to reach our goals and destiny.

The 3rd thing we can do to work with the universe is making a wish going to bed and then go to bed and  focusing on the wish when we are trying to sleep as this will get coded in our minds then this will signal a strong and clear message  to the universe where it will come true

This tip is my favorite as I do a wish at 11.11 pm each night where I set an alarm on my phone for 11.11 pm at night lol.    

These 3 tips have helped me to let go of the past and take the first step into my true self. Remember let go of your past and becoming your true self takes time is not going to happen over night

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