8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Skin For Clearer Healthier Skin

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Skin is the window to our soul; Today I want to share a little tip that has helped my skin massively.  My skin is the clearest it has ever been before no it not perfect as I still have few spots here and there, but with someone who has struggled with the bad breakout, acne their entire teenage life and adult life, it is like a mini-miracle.

Background to My Skin’s Journey

Before I was a teenager my skin was perfect I would say, people thought I look younger than I was. My skin back then made me feel Confident as when I was growing up I dream of being one of they old fashion Hollywood movies how to end up on black & white newspapers and magazines. So, get the compliment that I look younger made me feel so confident in my skin.

Until I was about 14 years, I think. I would say I was late at getting spots as everyone around me had breakouts or acne, I just assumed that I would be one of the people who never got any spots. Then at the age of 14-year-old a little red death of doom appeared on my face.

 I was horrified, I thought I was the ugliest person in the world when I saw the first spot on my face. From there on my skin kept getting worse and worse where I started to hide away and not be confident as I hated myself because of my skin.  Think back on it now when my skin first had a breakout, I probably didn’t help my skin out, by eating 2 packets of biscuits, a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi max every day at lunchtime. (if you are any of my friends read this post, I use not be the skinny glamours person I am today I say glamours because my style of clothing has changed) 

Back then I tried everything possibly could, I tried Toothpaste on my spots, I tried lemon juice on my face, I tried put Germolene on my spots and I ever tried putting clear toner on my face, but nothing work it just made my breakout worse. So, I give up on trying to take care of my skin. After I left school, I start to try a whole range of beauty products as I was getting into skincare, but I wasn’t educated enough about skincare to understand how to use it /when to use a beauty product. So, the beauty product made skin worse.  At the age of 20, I gave up all hope as I was sick and tired to try.

And just like that my skin start clearing up, then I  notice my skin began to clear up because I started to change my lifestyle in terms of what I eat and be active on regular basis. A few months went by and a friend gave me advice on what beauty product to use for my skin.

So now, I can safely say at the age of 23 I have found little tips and tricks to help my skin out and  I want to share them with the world today.   

My Skincare Tips  


cut out Starbucks for skin

I used to be addicted to Starbucks back in college. When I mean addicted, I mean 3 Starbucks a day which isn’t the healthiest as Starbuck is load with sugar and milk and we all know that too much sugar can affect the skin badly a leave red marks on the skin that looks like acne scares that what happens to my skin. Not to point out my skin kept breakout every week because of dehydration as caffeine is dehydratase to your skin.

When I decided to eat a bit healthier, I decided to swatch my Starbuck coffee for green tea and after a week or 2 two, I noticed my skin was brighter and the red marks had started to fade away. My skin almost looks glowing with some sports and red mark on it and I felt I look younger. Also, other parts of my body change like my coffee blot had gone away make me feel very confident in my skin as my jeans weren’t tight around my waist.

2. Cut out Dairy products

Now, this tip might be weird but if you like me and have sensitive skin daily products are a factor to your acne and breakout. Ever since I was 18, I notice I use to having bad anger breakout after having a lot of cheeses and chocolate but I never to into count daily products could give me breakout back then I just put it down as beauty products were cause it. When I was 18 I switch to almond milk for food thing as I only wanted to have it because all the YouTubers I was watching had it, I also told myself I was healthy I wasn’t because I was still having Starbucks and cheese every week which only made my skin worse and felt I look paler like a dead person. 

When I cut out Dairy completely from my diet having daily free food products, I did have a small breakout but after a month of use daily free food product my skin texture felt smoother, the red mark on my face went away and only have 3-4 sport on my cheeks and forehead.

3. Drink your 2 Litres daily water

Am not sure why I decided to drink water in the first place but when I start to drink water I drink around 2-3 liters a day. I did notice drinking water had amazing benefits for my skin. Back when I was a teenager when I first started research and watching YouTube videos on how to get clear skin, then all said one thing drink plenty of water to get rid of the toxins in your body for clear skin. I never understood what that meant at the time but when I started to drink 3 liters of water a day. I noticed a few things. My skin looked brighter and had no bag under my eyes. I also noticed I had clear skin with hardly any spots on them.

4. Have a Green Smoothie 3 time a week

Green smoothie for skin
Green smoothie

Now am not quite sure why or how but whenever I drink 3 green smoothies a week. my skin looks radiation, hydrated and glowing. Once I start drink green smoothie each week I seem to get very little breakout to no breakout at all. Also, this might seem weird but I keep drink green smoothies because I keep getting complement about my health glowing skin, and hair. I used hate drink green smoothie because they seem to bite but I found a killer taste smoothie that is going to share with you today.

Green smoothie recipe ingredients

  • Kale, apple , spinach , celery , cucumber, 2 glass of water and  for the secret ingredient 3 spoon of  peanut butter , after I chopped all my ingredient up and put them in the smoothie mixer and blend them all together it is so simple and easy

5. Add a face mask to your skincare routine once a week

mask for skin
Face mask

I use a face mask once a week to give my skin a good exfoliated to get all the junk out of my face, I normal mask every Sunday to get ready for the new week. when I mask I normally use Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask from the body shop. Let me tell you this mask is something, it like magic to my skin. where I would put in my top beauty essential box as whenever am having a bad breakout, I know I can reach for this mask to make my face spotless.

When I use the mask, I feel it get work as I feel a slight tingling feel on my face for the first 5 minutes where I feel like it lifting my spot and dirt off my skin because after I take the mask off my skin glowing for the next 2 day it feels soft and it clearly makes me super happy. Sometime after the mask, I can’t help but touch my face 24/7 ha.

The reason I use the body shop product is because they only use a natural ingredient that comes from plants which are better for my skin as there no chemical or ingredient that will harm my skin our cause my skin to breakout and plus the body shop is a great alternately from use luxury brand to get good skin. I have been using the body shop Skincare product for about 2 years and my skin has had a breakout yet.

6. Cleanses your face 4-5 time a week not over do wash your face

Face wash for skin
Face wash

When it comes to clear skin, we must allow our skin to breath without any beauty product on my face as if we just keep put on beauty product every day we could rip out our skin natural oil whereas if this happens our skin will just keep breakout is there would be no way to fix it.  I like to give my skin time to breathe on Friday, Saturday, Sunday sometimes I don’t wash my face for a full week to give it time to breathe.   

Also, when it comes to washing our face, we must use a gentle face wash that won’t upset or scratch our skin as when we have a breakout our skin is very sensitive. So, we must always treat our skin like a piece of glass.

I use Drops of youth gentle foam face wash from the body shop. As it does not have to bead it to scratch my face. Before you all say how have foam face wash clean your skin well let me tell you it works wonders for your skin. Like every time I use this product, my skin looks healthy and glowing and never seem to get any breakout using this product the face wash all so makes me look more awake when I had a rough night’s sleep.

The number one rule when using any sort of face wash is to use a little drop of it as a little goes a long way I use 2-3 plumbs of the face wash at more than enough. When I put on the face wash it makes me think of the bubble mask everyone was told about a few years ago

7. Use a face Serum 

Face Serum  for skin
Face Serum

Now I never really use face serum until I was 21-year-old because I thought you only wore face serum if you were rich mainly because of the prices of most of them. I started to use them because I friend recommend them and because she uses them and her skin is amazing. Also because before I started using them I found serum help keep you looking younger for longer. So I decided to start using them. 

 It wasn’t until I started using a face serum, I found out why serum is seen as the best-kept secret in the beauty industry and because not only does it keep you longing younger for longer but it helps your skin to become strong and the serum protects your skin from daily harmful chemicals.

 Once I started using a face serum, I was addicted to using them. I use The CBD restoring facial serum from the body shop and I love the product. Not only for the amazing price but for the result it gives my skin. when I started using this product, I had sport here and there and now I don’t have any spots on my face. I started using this product last year and I haven’t had any breakout (I only have breakouts if I have too much sugar or dairy in my diet) this face serum makes my skin hydrated all day or all night as I only use a face serum one day. my skin also looks full of life and this serum makes me feel confident in my own skin. 

8. Exercise 3 time a week

I did not know this was a thing until I look back at an old photo of my face before I start a workout and before I started working out my skin seems very dull and lifeless. Now after working out for a few years my skin seems much brighter, full of life and my skin texture seems, plumber, tight and smooth.

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