7 Ways To Stay motivated to Achieve Amazing Dreams


There will be a moment you might want to give up on yourself and your dreams. But we must keep reminding ourselves our dreams are possible every day and we must continue on the journey of our dream as one day eventuality we will get those dreams we have always imaged. In this blog post am going to share some useful tips that help me stay on the path to dreams and motivated about my dreams.

1. Write down your dreams and what type of person you want to be

write down your dreams
Write down your dreams

In the first lockdown, I did some serious think about what type of life I wanted and what person I wanted to be, it took me a while to understand who I wanted to be as the first step to truly discovering my true self. Is to cut out YouTube and social media as we don’t want to be influenced by other people choices. Once you figure out what you want to be is write it down on a notebook or a bit of paper. As if you write down it is 42% more likely to happen than if you, we just thought of our dreams. It has been found that when we write our dream. Down it will be encoded with our subconscious mind.  What I mean by encoded within our subconscious mind is it is like building a webpage where it creates the path/ a link in your person to achieve dreams and without realizing or think about our dream. we will be working toward our dream because we create the webpage for our dream by just write it down in a notebook. 

2.write down your goals

Write down goals to achieve your dreams
Write down goals to achieve your dreams

Yes, it is great to have Big dreams as I have a very big dream, but we must have set ourselves the smaller goal to help us achieve our big goals. For example, my big dream is I want to own my own fashion brand and be a successful fashion designer. For my small goal, I would set myself is I will pass BA fashion and I will have a fashion blogging platform with 300-1000 readers to raise my brand awareness and get my name out there.  With smaller such as these are 80% more likely to come true to help me get my big dream. There is a certain way of writing your goals on paper as you want to keep the way you’re writing your goal very positive. What mean by this is to write each goal starting with I or my. Is there more likely to come true if their goal is about yourself, not someone else or a thing? Also, what you also want to do is write each goal in the present tense as if you do this the universe will think you already have it and give more of it to make the goal come true. For example, write the goal like “I have pass BA fashion” another example would be “I am so grateful for the 300 readers I have on my blog”. In order for your dream to come true, you must believe you can achieve it yourself.  Also, your goals have to be very specific for them to work.

3. Create a vision board

write a goals on the back of the photo
Manifestation board  for dreams
Manifestation board for dreams

Visualizing your dream on a daily basis can help motivate you and make you work hard to gain your dreams.  A vision board can increase your confidence and motivation also help to relieve anxiety about the future and help you see the future clearer. In order to create a vision board, you need to ask yourself what makes you happy and what life do you want. People normally put around 6-18 goals on a vision board for the life they want.  You can people anything on your vision board from anything to do with health, career, money, relationships, home, hobbies, and personal growth, and travel.  Your goal can be big or small it doesn’t have to be fancy it can be as simple as put a picture of healthy food as you want to start eating healthier. Vision board isn’t something you shouldn’t forget about yourself. Vision board is some to you should look at this every day in order for you to be motivated by your dream and work header each day to achieve them.  The best place to keep a vision board is above your desk or your bed.  I stress enough you must be clear on what you want as if you’re not the universe will not give you your dream if you are not clear. I would start with what you want within 5 years as this is a good target to aim for.  With the vision board, I would recommend keeping the digital platform.  I normally print some pictures relating to my goal, then on the back of them write my goal on the back and also the guideline of the time am aimed to achieve the goal. Then I would place everything on a bit of cardboard with blue tack so I can easily take each picture off to look at my goal. Different people have different options on what to do with the goal you have completed some people say they should replace them. But in my opinion, I would wait before starting a new vision board as you want to make sure your goal/dream comes true. There is really no right or wrong answer to a vision board.

4. Allow time for failures

Failures rip out your hearts, but failures are necessary to have. As we learn from them. I have failed a million times, but the reason I keep going is that there is a 100 way of doing one simple task or achieve your dreams. We as people have to figure out what the right way is for us to get our dreams. Yes, there are times when we want to quit or hide and run away, but we must not do that because there is so much to gain from failures as we learn, we transform ourselves into something better and we improve our future selves. So, don’t get upset when you haven’t reached the deadline line that you set yourself use the deadline as I way to see what you have learned and what you can improve upon to reach your goals. 

5. Put yourself first.

Take time for yourself by making allowing yourself to have 1 hour for breakfast
Take time for yourself by making allowing yourself to have 1 hour for breakfast

First off it ok to put yourself first it does not make you selfish. Some people may want you to do something else but do not listen to them because at the end of the day it is your life. I know I have not listened to what people have said about my dream such as “get a job” because I know for fact the corporate world is not for me as I can’t stand people telling me what to design and what to work on. As I would rather be daydream and designing whatever I feel and work on things I enjoy doing.  No matter what everything going to bitch about someone or someone life choose (even know I pray for a world why everyone nice and kind about people dreams) it ok to put your need first as your own happiness come first.   whatever you do when your goal and dream go wrong and you haven’t achieved them by a certain point, do not try and blame other people for say a bad thing about your dream as you are only creating people as the obstruct to stop your dream. The most powerful thing to do is to ignore them and continue on the path to your dream. Part of putting yourself first is to cut out toxic people. This part is one of the hardest things to do. As some of the most toxic people can be surprising, such as an old friend or people you just meet. Toxic people will try to convince you that your dreams are a bad idea, or they make you feel guilty by you going chasing your dreams where you feel like give your dream up for them. Please note that you’re not the problem with having dreams. They have a problem within themself, they probably need time to work on themself. If you have a friend that still bothers, you over the choice you made to better your life try and take a break from them as you do not need the stress or be made to feel sad about your dreams.  

6.Have a never give up attitude

The key to following your dream is to have a never-give-up attitude. what helps me to develop a never-give-up attitude is to believe anything possible when you put your mind to it because ever since I was little, I got told there is more than 100 ways of doing one simple thing.  The first step to have a never-give-up attitude is to have the courage to take one step closer without knowing the outcome. what I mean by this is when I was 16 years old I have always dreamed of being a fashion designer. But did not have the courage to take that one step closer so I wasted 1 year of my life laying in my bed feeling sorry for myself because I wasn’t a fashion designer. Then at the age of 18, I decided enough is enough, I secretly wrote my application form each night and applied for college to study fashion this was the first step to took toward my dream. I didn’t know if I have any of the right qualification or what the outcome was going to be, but what anyone need is a goal and determination because with they two things you can go far in life.  The second thing to do to develop a never give up attitude is to stop comparing yourself with others, I have struggled with this lot, but the best thing for you to do is take yourself off social media for a little while and figure out what you want to do and how you going to get there without people influence ourself. Also, I would subject stopwatch people on YouTube as sometimes the person we most watch on YouTube influences us without releasing it. 

7.Write down what you are grateful for

Write down what you are grateful for

Now, this is a weird tip but trust me it works so well. If you write do what you grateful for you focusing on the good which in return it will make you a more positive person. If you do this tip each day your self-esteem and self-belief will improve, also you will feel more confident about your dreams. I do this tip before my bed each night as it helps me stop worrying about the future or whispering out loud negative thing to myself about my dream when am going to bed. Write what am grateful for has made me a much happier person as when you start to do this tip you feel happy as well. When you’re writing what you are grateful for it does not have to be any fancy it could something like being “grateful for the work I did today”

With these tips, you will remain focus and determined to reach your goals and dream.       

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