6 easy ways to wear a black outfit to be timeless

timeless black styles

There is something poetic about black. It makes every look amazing. Black immediately draws attention to you, as it makes you seem timeless like you step out of a black and white film in the 1950s. One of the reasons I love wearing black is because I feel glamours and in some way, I feel like a version of Marylin Morrone.  Black can also transform your look in so many different ways as black symbolize classy, mysterious, and even rebelliousness. Black never fails to despond as it always makes an outfit look put together. Here are some tips to consider when wearing black.

1. wear a bleading color with black

add blending color to a black outfit
add blending color to a black outfit

When making a black outfit look more casual try and find a blending color to go with the color black for example when wearing a black T-shirt blue jeans or grey skinny jeans. Yes, the outfit for a casual look is as simple as that but it will also draw people’s eyes to the outfit as you have the color blending in nicely.

2. Add Shape to your outfit

It is best to wear tighter-fitting pieces when you are wearing the color black. What I mean by this is if you wear black high waist jeans with a different color top such as white or pink or if you’re wearing a black top try wearing different colored high waist jeans why to add shape to an outfit, I hear you ask. Well, it will boost the best feature on your body. Also if you’re wearing something that gives your body shape it will signal to people that you are confident in your own skin. Sometimes it can also suggest you have your life together. I find when adding shape to my outfit gives me confidence and boosts my feels. It is a great tip if you are having a bad body image day.

Fun Fact believe it or not black make you seem younger as black absorbs the light then reflects the light so it will make you seem like you have fewer wrinkles make you look younger.

3. Be Adventurous when wearing black oufit

be adventurous wearing black
be adventurous wearing black

When wearing an all-black outfit, you can be adventurous by wear all different types of garments such as baggy hoodies, skinny blazers, box-shaped jackets, crop trousers, and oversized T-shirts. Black doesn’t have to be boarding it can be fun but tries to Avoided a baggy on baggy look as it can make you seem like a dementor from Harry potter.

4. Add a small splash of Colour

small of color to an all-black outfit
small of colour to an all-black outfit

This tip is great if you want to highlight an all-black look, to add a small splash of color to an outfit do it in a form of accessories great color that goes with an all-black outfit are gold, Sliver, rose gold, copper, blue and red but remember  if you want to have a simple look

“Before you leave the house look in the mirror and remove one accessory” – Coco Chanel   

5.  Add texture to an black outfit

Add Texture to a black look
Add Texture to a black look

The texture is one of the most important things when comes to an outfit especially when wearing a black look as it gives an outfit a bit of a creative edge. By this I mean make sure all your outfits have different colored fabric for an example wear black skinny jeans with and white knit jumper bring the full outfit together with black leather boots or add texture to an all-black look such as black jeans with a black T-shirt layer up with a black leather jacket with silver studs on as this will give an outfit texture and make an outfit speak volumes.

6. Avoided the tailoring look

avoid the tailoring look
avoid the tailoring look

The greatest world I will ever say is to avoid all-black tailoring look the reason I say this is because if you wear an all-over black suit, it can speak a lot of negatives things. As it can suggest your old fashion who have no personality. What so ever where people might think your boarding , it could also suggest  your on your way to boarding business meeting  and you like to be taken seriously. If you ask me if think suits should have been out of fashion 20 year ago never to be invented in the first place. You would never catch my death in a suit.

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