6 Tips To Looking Rich With No Money

dress like a rich person

I have always been obese with looking into wealthy people’s lives to see how they live and what they wear through watching Tv shows like Gossip Girl or Dynasty and I came to realize you Don’t have to be a millionaire to look rich.

We all see these kinds of people wearing the most amazing smelling fragrances, wearing jewelry with diamonds suds small enough to be authentic but large enough to get noticed.

Well, the truth is these people who dress looking rich are more knowledgeable in style and have hardly any income. Trust me I know because am a broke-ass student but know how to dress rich when I need to.

Today I share some of my tips and tricks on how you can look rich without costing out a penny because you need to know is style will make you rich.

1. Avoid Logo’s on clothing

When people wear things with logos on them it suggests that they are trying hard to show off and tell the world they have money and power which in my opinion it is disgraceful if people want to show that to the world.

The reason I say avoid logo is because no designer clothing features a large logo on their clothing or promotes their logo on any clothing.  Designer brands keep their clothing very simple and timeless.

So don’t make yourself walk like a big walking billboard instead wear things with solid dark colors as dark colors have a rich feel around them and only wear the logo on your shoes.

The best place to shop for solid dark colors are Asos, Primark, and Zara

2. Wear fitted clothing

Wear fitted clothing like the rich
Wear fitted clothing like the rich

Now, this tip I swore by as when I use to wear baggy clothing and have short hair people knew I was poor it wasn’t until I switched to high-waisted skinny jeans I noticed the differences.

When I did this people started to think I got more money because I started wearing high-waisted jeans and size small tops. But the fact is people who wear baggy clothing reflect the poor taste and lack of resources.

When you start to wear fitted clothing with solid dark colors your style becomes timeless. A timeless look symbolize taste, class, and wealth.

I also noticed when I started wearing more fitted clothing people started to talk to me more and people started complimenting me which boosted my confidence more.

So if you want to look rich, start with wearing skinny jeans and smaller tops or a fitted top

Top Tip for getting fitted clothing – go a size down for tighter fitted clothing.

3. Have good shoes.

have good shoes like the Rich
have good shoes like the Rich

If Gossip Girl or Dynasty taught me anything is that the rich love their shoes and bags for every and different occasion. So, it is a good idea to pay extra attention to your shoes to look rich. 

I would say have about 3 pairs of trainers and 3 pairs of nice shoes for going out to dinner, or an important event or date night.

I say this because we need one pair of trainers so we can wear to pop on to go to Tesco or when we can’t be bothered to plan a nice outfit ( everyone has they days ) and don’t mind if they get dirty.

Then we need 2 other pairs of trainers to be sparkling clean, so on the day we plan a good outfit the trainers bring the outfit together and clean trainers can say a lot about a person personality as clean trainers symbolize clean and tidy person.  

As the rich do not get dirty as they have other people to get dirty for them. Also if you keep your trainers clean it can also symbolize that there are brand new trainers and you have money to spend.

What I like to do is clean my trainers every time before I leave the house. I normally clean my Trainers with multi-purpose kitchen wipes, sometimes I even use the pink stuff to clean my shoes.

I say have 3 pairs of nice shoes for special occasions because I have 3 pairs of Chelsea boots with a Cuban heel for my nice shoes because when I put them on it brings my full outfit together.

Also because there is something with leather shoes that makes you seem like you have money to burn and leather shoes symbolize your clean, classic, confident person.  we all know that the rich walk with confidence, so  I would say insert in one good pair of leather shoes

Top Tip Have good shoes- always keep them sparkling clean whatever the cost, as your shoes can say a lot about your personality. Also it is one of the first things people look at when they meet you.

4. Wear tasteful accessories  

tasteful accessories  to Symbolize Rich
tasteful accessories  to Symbolize Rich

Accessories are key in your outfit to signal what type of wealth you are. When wearing accessories get rid of the Primark wooding accessorize that will or lose color after a few wears.

I say this because when I use to wear a lot of bracelets from Primark people could tell I didn’t have a lot of money or thought I was a daft little boy mainly because back then I was dress head toe in Primark.

Instead wear accessories that are silver, gold, or rose gold as these symbolize the 3 main wealth categories.

Rose gold symbolizes you have a luxurious lifestyle through your work and by communicating with people and also it signals you’re rich because of your style.

Gold symbolizes you have money and power and you don’t need anyone to take care of you as you have the means to do it yourself.

Sliver symbolize you are financially stable and if you need a new outfit you can effort it without breaking the bank

If you are looking for great accessories I would recommend Topshop ( found on ASOS website),  ASOS, or Argos.

5. Take care of your skin

have rich skin
have rich skin

This tip might seem very weird, but this tip will really help you look rich.

As we all know rich people are often concerned about their skin and would pay ridiculous amounts of money for dermatologists and have skincare injections all the time to make them look younger.

However, what people don’t notice is skincare doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

You can look younger naturally by adding fruit to your diet or drinking fresh lemon tea to look younger or just be well hydrated, but you not need to wash your face 24/7 every day to look younger. As I only wash my face about 4-3 times a week

If you have to look rich for whatever reason and need that rich skin glow about, I would recommend putting on a little moisturizer on your face before going out to make it seem like your skin glowing.

What everyone needs to remember is the healthier you are on the inside the more radiant you will become on the outside.

6. Have good hair

Now I think this tip is the most important of all because recently I start to take more care of my hair and the reaction I get off of people are, they think am a rich bitch which is far from the truth.

Good quality hair is everything because it can say a lot about your background from where you come from how much money you have and what type of lifestyle you’re living.

The rich always have time to look glamorous and have the extra to style their hair nicely and go to a salon every week to get a blowout.   So we must take the extra hour in the morning to style our hair.

 So We all must get rid of our split end every 8 weeks to make sure our hair health is radiant. Also, I let you in on a little hair secret if you what your hair to be shing or the color to be vibrant put on hair oil once a week after the shower as this can make your hair seem healthier without going to the salon each week to get it looking perfect.

If you want to take your hair to the next level to look extremely rich and younger is your hair color must be natural, I am myself am in the process of going back to my natural hair color.

Whatever you do to your hair never keep your hair looking rough or messy as it can signal that you do not care about your physical health or apparencies.

So take that extra time to style it. ( yeah am going through the process of keeping my hair looking good because I want to start taking care of my appearance)

Many people believe you have to be rich to look rich but the truth is you do not have to spend money at all to look rich it all has to do with style. I like to think am  3 year old playing dressing-up games when am trying to look rich.  

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