6 Timeless Stylish Wardrobe Essential Everyman Owns In Their Wardrobe

Timeless Wardrobe Essential

Season changes, the trend comes and goes, style remains the same, but there are certain items of clothing that are in at least 80% of men’s wardrobes. The reason why need items are in most men’s Wardrobes is that men like to be simple, quick, and timeless. Men listen up if your board of where these clothing Items am going to give trick and style tip to revamp this item.

White oxford   Shirt

Wardrobe Essential outfit one
Wardrobe Essential outfit one

Every man owns one sad but true, most of us don’t wear it as often as we should. Put your hands up if it that paces of clothing that collects Dust at the back of your wardrobe am guilty of this.  We as Young men tend not to wear the white shirt as we assonate a white shirt with job interviews and businessmen which let be Honest if you’re like me that outfit tends to bore us to death because it is not a very creative style that shows off your personality, but it like a men tradition to own one as when fashion begin men worn them all the time to show off wealth and power. Also, to show off there is a family man.  It is the 21st century Time to let your oxford white shirt Beath once as you can wear it as casual wear. With something so simple a plain it is all about layers and colors. For example, if you wear Dark blue jeans with a black or striped top with a white oxford shirt unbutton on you will seem effortless, stylish, and timeless. Personality would leave the outfit there but if you must accessions you can pair them out with a nice light color straw hat to compliment your style.

Style Tip:  A white oxford shirt can act like a summer jacket as the oxford fabric is a thicker material.

Grey Hoodie

Wardrobe Essential outfit two
Wardrobe Essential outfit two

Grey hoodies are powerful on their own why? Because it can transform a look in so many different ways from gym wear to smart wear. A Grey hoodie is a great way to get creative as you can style mostly any color with the hoodie. When choosing a color for the grey hoodie you must know what grey tone the hoodie is let me explain if you have a dark grey hoodie you must wear a lighter color on the bottom half of your body and if you have a light grey hoodie you must wear a darker color on the bottom. The color you wear with a grey hoodie is up to you, but you must understand the color tone to make your outfit on point. The second point to take into consideration is the size of the hoodie, for example, if you wear an oversized grey hoodie you want to wear something skinny on the bottom and if you wear a tight-fitting hoodie on the top you want to wear something with a straight leg.  My Personality style is an oversized grey hoodie with black high waist jeans.  Let say you are in the office on a Friday and you going out with a friend straight after but how do you style for to thing? Well, I have your back, for a smart casual wear a fitted grey hoodie with a navy formal tailored trousers with a good pair of black smart shoes.  To make the outfit   

Little Tip: For anyone who trying to take a few years of their age wear a grey hoodie as it can make you look younger because some dark grey tone washes you out make you appear younger as it makes you look ghostly.

Skinny jean’s

Wardrobe Essential outfit three
Wardrobe Essential outfit three

When wearing Skinny jeans there are a few rules to follow. The first rule to follow is you must choose the right type of Skinny jeans for your body Figure, it does not just woman how has to choose jeans for their body figure its men too.  For example, if you have an athletic body and what to show off your body and muscle then low raised super skinny jeans are perfect for you. If you have a pair-shaped or an apple-shaped body, then mid-rise skinny.  A plain board Straight-leg jeans is perfect for everyone.  I could go for an hour about different types of shapes and styles of jeans for the right body type. The second rule of wearing skinny jeans is to experiment with the top half when wearing skinny jeans. For example, if you’re going out with friends where a loose-fitting top or if your plain your first date wear a skinny jean with a nice shirt and Chelsea boots.  Good colors to wear with Jeans are grey, white, navy, black and greens. A good go-to out for jeans is wearing a light blue stone color skinny with and black fitted top and a white shoe or Chelsea boots.   

Fun fact:  how you wear your jeans can tell people a lot about your age I have a good eye for this also a good eye for telling people the size without not knowing their size   

A Pole Shirt

Wardrobe Essential outfit four
Wardrobe Essential outfit four

The polo shirt is essential because of its a timeless piece of clothing. Back when I first ever started experimenting with fashion use to wear pole shirt all the time. I can remember thinking I was super fashionable and on-trend will I started wearing a polo shirt. The truth is pole shirts are timeless fashion not trendy.  So, I have a lot of expenses in styling a polo shirt to give great styling tips. You can easily dress up or down a polo shirt.  But before, get on to the styling advice for a pole shirt we must understand how to find the perfect polo shirt. A polo shirt is longer in the back than the front. The neck of a pole must only have 3 -4 buttons or if the button comes end low it will look like a V-neck. A polo shirt must always sit below the waistline. Time for the styling advice if you’re going for a more casual look wear Dark blue skinny jeans with a white polo shirt and a black leather jacket with a black Chelsea boot.  If you looking to be a bit smarter looking that inspection from David Beckham with a black polo shirt, grey cop tailor trousers with a smart shoe.   


Wardrobe Essential outfit Five
Wardrobe Essential outfit Five

As a result of Covid, joggers are no longer for the gym. As they have become a key garment in most people’s wardrobes over the last years alone why because there so comfortable as they have a fleece soft lining inside.  Also, because Joggers are baggy at the top to aloud your belly to expand and taped at the bottom to allow your leg to move freely. With joggers became more normal for people to wear in public it is hard to know how to style them as not want to look like a ned or chav, but not worry I have your back trust me you look stylish with these tips.  The first tip is to wear a fitted t-shirt or hoodie that is not baggy with skinny joggers’ pair with a demine jacket and a pair of hip top trainers. Alternatively, you could wear a shirt and jumper with a pair of skin joggers with a tapered cuff at the bottom pair them with a pair of black autumn boots.  The second rule is Do not to wear a tracksuit as this can make you seem like a Neid.       

A black leather Jacket

Wardrobe Essential outfit six
Wardrobe Essential outfit Six

A leather jacket is a timeless look that can transform a simple look into a stylish look. I loved black leather jackets since I was back in school at first, I start wearing a black leather jacket because I want to be a Rockstar/ Emo, but I grow older I used them to turn a look into a stylish look.  Everyone has a leather jacket because it is a wardrobe staple. But how we style them can be of an issue as we don’t want to give the wrong impression. Over time I have realized a floodproof color plate is black and white as it makes you look very stylish without putting too much effort into your outfit but what clothing item do I wear? I hear you ask well a great go-to outfit is to wear black skinny ripped jeans with a white t-shirt or shirt and pair them with a black leather jacket and black boots.

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