6 Autumn Classic Wardrobe Essentials

autumn essentials 2021

Summer may be over for another year but the best season for fashion is starting now. I would say autumn is the perfect season to go timeless as of all the dark colors that are in season.

Also, because autumn offers the opportunity to look like you’re in a black & white photo. Over the years I have experimented with different types of autumn fashion trends and found that there are 6 key garments/colors that are always in fashion in Autumn.

 These garments could help to start creating a capsule wardrobe collection for a more timeless look.

6 Autumn essential

1. Dark jeans

Dark jeans for Autumn
Dark jeans for Autumn

Dark denim jeans are so effortless, as they can be dressed up for a smart occasion or dress down for a more casual occasion.

Men really love dark jeans as some man can’t be bothered to come home from a day at the office and have to get changed to go back out for dinner. As if you were dark jeans to the office all you need to do is change their jacket or shoe to go from day tonight.

Yes, how you will style your outfit will depend on the weather, but there are some outfit styles for dark jeans that go with any weather.

For example, let say you trying to be stylish and comfy. As you have a few drinks with some friends after work. You could wear a grey blazer with a white T-shirt and dark jeans with converse or white trainers.

This choice of outfit will say that you’re here for business, but you are for some fun and laughs.

Alternatively, another outfit could be if your going out shopping but have dinner after it would be wearing dark jeans, pair with a white t-shirt layer it with a leather jacket and black boots. This outfit could symbolize a timeless bad boy feel the outfit.

2. Chelsea boots

Chelsea Boots for Autumn
Chelsea Boots for Autumn

Chelsea boots are a wardrobe staple as they bring great style to every outfit. I love Chelsea boots with a Cuban heel on them and if I could get away with wearing them 24/7 I would the only reason I hardly wear them is because I don’t want to come across to dressy up.

Chelsea boots are so versatile pieces of Fashion whether you’re rocking a casual weekend look or dressing up for an occasion these shoes can make an excellent choice. To nail the Chelsea boot style you need to know the right outfit choices.

For a casual outfit, you could wear black jeans with a light blue shirt pair with a sand-colored Chelsea boot. The number one rule with a Chelsea boot is to make sure all the color complements each other.

While Chelsea boots can easily work for casual outfits, they can also suit smart casual outfits thanks to their sleek appearance for example you could wear black skinny jeans and a white shirt paired with black leather Chelsea boots.

An outfit like this can give you a sleek polished look.

3. Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirt for Autumn
Flannel Shirt for Autumn

This garment is always autumn essential as every year it always in style because a flannel shirt is so easy as comfortable and effortless. I love Flannel shirts as they go with everything, I wear a flannel shirt every autumn 24/7 as these are so easy to style.

I would say a flannel shirt is a bit like a Chelsea boot as they can be dressed up or down. I like to think of a flannel shirt as an autumn weekend flannel shirt or a go-to outfit if I can’t be bothered to get ready but have to look nice for an event.

Most people will wear a flannel shirt in a casual manner as it is quick, easy, and simple.  It is important to understand how to wear a flannel shirt as if you wore a flannel shirt with a jogger you will appear sloppy.

 In my opinion, I would say stick with jeans as you can never go wrong with jeans.

For example on a casual outfit is wear a red oversized flannel shirt with black jeans, paired with black or grey boots as this type of outfit will make you look autumnally but also Christmassy.

( I am sorry when I think about this outfit, I think about standing in the snow with a hot chocolate from Starbucks yes I am in the mood for Christmas films )

If you want to wear a flannel shirt as a smart outfit. There are a few things you should know before styling a smart look. Avoid loud colors at all costs, instead, choose more timeless colors. Also, make your outfit isn’t baggy.

An example of a smart outfit would be a red flannel shirt, with black super skinny jeans, paired with a black leather jacket and black Chelsea boot.

Style tip – when I come to wearing a flannel shirt only where classic colors as wearing too much can destroy the outfit, as you look like a wacky rainbow person.

4. Knit cardigan

Knitted cardigan for autumn
Knitted cardigan for autumn

Now am not an expert on the knitted cardigan as I only started to get into the last year in autumn and they have grown upon me. As I start to realize, they are timeless and classic and they can transform an outfit.

Most men like to wear the knit cardigan as a relaxed casual outfit but there is so much more you can do with a cardigan. When I first started wearing a cardigan, I didn’t know what I was doing at first on how to style the cardigan.

But then I found out, it was all about the color and the fit of the whole outfit.

What I mean by this is if you are wearing an oversized cardigan wear skinny jeans with the cardigan and a fitting t-shirt, but make sure the oversized cardigan draw in the eye am not saying go for a bold color on the outfit to get the cardigan attention.

wear color Platte such as black skinny jeans and black fitted top with a nude brown overside cardigan pair with a black Chelsea boot or a black trainer.

Wearing timeless colors such as black, white, nude, cream, brown, grey can give an outfit that pops of style as it can also suggest that you are timeless and classy and you have a nice personality.  

5. Demin jacket

Demin jacket for autumn
Demin jacket for autumn

A Demin jacket has always been stable in early autumn because it is the perfect layering piece for autumn. Also, a Denim jacket is also good to bring a weak outfit together.

Personally, I feel that a Denim jacket is more of a casual wear outfit as you can roll out of bed stick on skinny jeans, tie your hair up in a messy bun put on a baggy Demin jacket over your PJ top.

And you put together to run to the supermarket or a day of university without looking like you haven’t made an effort.

Everyone needs a Demin jacket as it is that garment that makes you look half decent when you are too lazy to plan an outfit.

6. A scarf

A scarf is an Autumn essential
A scarf is an Autumn essential

A scarf is an autumn essential, it brings together an outfit, it also brings a little bit of your personality to an outfit and a scarf adds texture to an outfit.

I used to love wearing scarves when I was a teenager mainly because I thought I looked stylish and trendy. So I like to think I know who to style a scarf.

Scarfs may bring a good element of style, but scarfs are also hard to wear and to style as you do not want to be that person who announces to Everyone who walks in the same room as you “ AM WEARING FREKING SCARF DEAL WITH IT” and no one wants to be that person trust me.

The secret to making a scarf go with anything is very simple to do the once round method- take the scarf and wrap it once around your neck leaving the ends dangling at the front. Also when wearing a scarf make sure your outfit has timeless classic color.

What I mean by this is say you want to wear a grey knitted scarf, wear an outfit such as black skinny jeans, a cream jumper pairs with black boots or Chelsea boot, and layer the outfit with the grey knitted scarf.

Autumn Colours in season 2021/2022 are: nudes, browns, dark reds, dark golds, grey tones, cream, dark green, white, and blacks

good places to shop for Autumn Fashion- H&M ( H&M my favorite for autumn fashion ) and ASOS

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