5 Tips to Manage Stress


We all get stressed out in our day-to-day lives, it is very normal for us to get stress when our lives become unbalanced due to a big workload or have big changes in life, and much more reasons we could get stressed from.

It is important for us as people to recognize when we are getting stressed out so we can take certain steps to manage our stress as we do not want our stress to get too much where we have a mental breakdown.

Today am going to share with you my 5 tips that help me to deal with stress. Please note different things work for different people so many tips might not help, but my tip might give you ideas that will help you deal with stress.

1. Listen to music

music to reduce Stress
music to reduce Stress

Sometimes after a stressful day after university, I like to listen to music as it helps me not to be so stressed out about university work or university deadlines because university can unpredictable.

Because a lecture could give a bucket full of work to do by the next day, and your think to yourself “like there not enough hour tonight to complete the work, where do I start” where you start to get stress sore head.

When this happens, I like to put on my favorite music to walk home to as it will lift my mood.

After about 2 or 3 songs my stress level starts to die down where am able to think more clearly about the work I have to get done by the next day.

Music can help your stress level so much as it can motive you and increase your productivity because when you listen to your favorite artist it can make you dream big, make you feel happy, and have a mindset where you will start to look at your workload in a more positive way.

Let me explain let say am extremely stress with university work. When university is done for the day, I will put on Adele Adkins up full blast in my earphone when am walking home.

Adele helps me get out my thoughts, help me to dream big, and help me to believe that I will get my dreams one day. (mainly because if Adele can walk onto the red carpet dress in Primark clothes, I can get my achieve my dreams)

Listen to her music on the way home make me feel positive about my life and the work am doing where I will go home, write an organized step-by-step list out to help me complete the work.

 By doing this it is making me feel more focus on my work as if we pick bigger tasks apart and write a step-by-step out the workload won’t seem so big.

There is scientific evidence that music can affect your emotions as a slow tempo song can help to silence the mind and relax your muscles, sad music can make you feel sad and happy music makes us feel happy.

so, when we are stress only listen to upbeat music to help motive us and boost our productivity. As music can make use more determinate to complete a single task.

Music is one of the most effective ways to reduce daily stress levels.

2. Make to Do List

To-Do List to reduce stress
To-Do List to reduce stress

A few weeks ago, I got told I should start making a to-do list of everything I need to do so I don’t forget certain tasks.

When I started doing the to-do list it reduced my stress level, because when am writing down every task I have to do for that day. I notice not every task need to be done on the same day.

Where it made me feel a lot better because I wasn’t going to be run around like a headless chicken trying to get all the tasks done in one day, which reduce my stress levels as I was doing the important task first and the least important task, I moved to another day to be done.

So, if you feel like you have a stressful day or week take at least 5- 20 minutes planning out your day as it helps me to focus and not to be stressed ball all the time   

3. Eat a comfort meal to reduce sort term stress 

pasta for short term stress
pasta for short term stress

When am extremely stressed about things such as university work or work, I like to make a comfort meal such as a big bowl of pasta as it helps to get rid of the pain and anger of the stress in my head when am eating my feels.

Am not saying eat comfort food every day as that wouldn’t help you, as comfort only should be to reduce sort-term stress. Am saying if you need to escape your thoughts or your life for an hour or two.

Make a good comfort meal that makes you feel warm inside and happy inside and stick on a good Netflix show or something.

Then start making a plan on tackling the stress to do the university work. what I like to do is have at least one comfort meal a week to reduce my stress levels as it helps me to deal with stress and help me to tackle my workload better.

4. Talk to yourself to reduces stress

This tip might seem crazy, but it really helps me a lot. As when I have a lot of negative thoughts that are stressing me out. I like to whisper out a pound to myself like am having a conversation with myself as it helps me to reduce stress.

Which makes me feel more relaxed after it, sometimes helps me to figure out why am stressed about stuff, and helps me to notice how I can prevent stress forget too much sometimes.

There are scientific reports on the science alert webpage, say that talking to yourself can be beneficial for our mental health, as it can help us keep our emotions in balance and avoid extreme mood swings.

Am not saying talk to yourself every since the minute of the day as that would be crazy. I am saying when you feel stressed and you want to run away from your thought have a conversation with yourself about an object like a wall or a cup as it might help you figure out how to stop stressing about every little thing.

This tip helps me a lot as I have always talked to myself ever since I’ve known to because it helps me to have a clear might a have a big dream for the future.


Before I started working out, I use to get so stressed about every little thing, where I wouldn’t know how to copy so I just eat a lot of take-aways.

After a few months of working out at the age of 19 years old, I noticed I hardly got stressed out about every little thing ( I also started eating healthy a month after working out but that a different story for a different day )

When we do any sort of physical activity it can take our minds off our worries, help us clear our minds, and calm us down from worrying about things.

Also when we do any sort of exercisers it improves our mood immediately after 10 into the workout as when we work out our body is using more oxygen which improves our blood flow which gives our brain a signal to release feel-good homarines.

I feel like doing any exercise helps us to think more positively as we aren’t focusing on the little things that make us stressed when we are working out. Sometimes when we keep stressing about the little things it can make us think negatively.

I would 100% recommend working out  3 – 4 times a week as it really helps to reduce stress and not focus on every little thing that went wrong.

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