5 Things To wear in Winter To be stylish

5 thing to wear in winter

Now with the greatest pleasure, it is time to pack your summer clothes away. I live for autumn and winter fashion, where people joke when I own a fashion brand my summer sale are going to be low, and their truth is that as I want to be an outwear designer/ autumn and winter designer. I let you in on a little secret I hide in summer from June- September as I despise summer with a passion, if you could get a fashion brand how would come with 2 clothing collections per year in autumn and winter that would be me.

People think winter is a real chore because they have listened to their head on what to wear instead of what their hearts say what to wear, but you can still listen to your heart on what to wear as long as you take some advice on what your head tells you what to wear.

These 5 tips on what to wear for winter fashion will keep you warm and stylish in winter. 

1. Route between 3-4 stylish winter coat.

a coat for winter
A coat for Winter

Now have 3- 4 different stylish winter coats will help you have different options for different occasions as you do not want to have one winter jacket and people think you keep wearing one outfit over and over again because that would be a bit weird.   

When I come to wearing or finding a perfect winter coat, they must be 2 key elements to them. They must be an extra bit longer to keep you warmer and the wind out and a least one of the winter coats must be waterproof.

There are a few winter coats that dose these 2 elements. Such as a tailored coat as there are great for winter as not only do, they bring a few outfits together and make you look stylish but they’re also super comfortable and warm and use to move around in. They also go with everything apart from baggy clothing such as joggers.

Another great coat for winter is a parka not only does a parka never go out of fashion and build to last forever, but they provide warmth and protection against the cold as the parka was created for the sole purpose to block out the cold and wet as it was originally created in the war to keep the army warm.

I’ve had my Parka since I was 16-year-old and still fits amazingly and keeps me warm, but I don’t tend to reach for it as it doesn’t fit with my style anymore as I love to wear tight-fitting clothing now a day.

Another quick simple easy stylish jacket to wear in winter if you just pop to the shop is worn a black leather jacket. Why? because a leather jacket was originally used as a form of protection when riding a motorbike to protect against wind and rain, so the leather will trap the heat in and protect you from the rain. Also, leather is very timeless is goes with any style and outfit you wear.

 I mainly wear a black leather jacket because it is timeless and also because am living in my childhood days when I used to watch the story of Tracy Beaker & Tracy Beaker returns. Yes, Tracy Beaker was my childhood and Dani’s house. 

2. Wear leather trousers

Leather trousers in winter
Leather trousers in winter

Leather trousers never go out of style as they’re so classic and timeless. May people think leather trousers are so uncomfortable to wear. I mean I did think this so many years, but I decided to give them a go this year as I want to go as a sandy vibe from grease for a Halloween party and I found out there are so dam comfortable.

The only problem with leather trousers is when I  am put them on or take them off they make a lot of noise but am still a fan. Also, leather trousers are great for winter as there known to get you warm when you are out in the cold.

Also, what I found out about leather trousers is they bring a full outfit together and they also go with anything and everything. As you can wear an oversized jumper paired with leather trousers to bring style to your outfit and bring the full outfit together with trainers for a casual look.

Alternately if you are going for the dress-up outfit you can pair the leather trouser with a white satin shirt and black heeled boots and you look like you put a lot of time planning the outfit but in reality, it took you 5 minutes to put an outfit together.

3. Roll neck top and jumper for winter style.

Roll Neck for Winter
Roll Neck for Winter

  I just started to get into roll neck because I wanted my style to look a bit more timeless and Marylin Monroe vibe also because Adele look’s so stylish in the roll neck on easy on me music video. I also have a feeling there going to be a big trend this winter.

As not only because Adele wore in her music video but because there are so comfortable and because there figure-hugging where they make your body look flattering and make your face shape stand out more.

The roll neck is especially great for winter as they keep the wind of you and act as layering pieces as you can throw on a blazer or jacket without getting the bulk of a thick jumper and also a roll neck will keep to cold out as roll neck, the neck is meant to trap the heat in.

4.Wear a scarf at winter.

Scarf for winter
Scarf for winter

The scarf is So practical to protect your neck from the cold, but many of us think a scarf can be a chore to take around with us. What many people don’t notice a scarf can be part of an outfit and add style to an outfit as a scarf can bring texture or a pop of color to a timeless outfit.

In my opinion, a scarf can make you feel cozy and warm as you can wrap the scarf around your shoulder and neck like a blanket or a bed cover where you can feel like you are still in your bed when walking to university, you do not really need to plan and outfit if you are where a scarf.

As you can though on a random hoodie and jeans with a pair of hi-top converse and wrap and scarf over the top of the hoodie like a blanket and you are automatic look more put together and add style to an outfit.

 5.Don’t be afraid to wear a hat

hat for winter
hat for winter

 Everyone gets scared of hat hair, but you don’t have to be scared as if you are wearing a hat such as a beanie it is all about paying attention to the texture as a chunky beanie works better for longer hair as you can have the beanie hat on top of your head a let the rest of your hair fall down at the side of your face.

Alternately hat people could be if they want to add a bit of Glamour in their outfits is a wide brim pork pie hat as if you wear this type of hat slight to angle it will give an old fashion black & white Hollywood look also this hat is great if you want your jawline to stand out more as this hat highlight your face bond structure.

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