Top 5 Christmas Films To Watch This Year

Christmas Films

Today I thought I would share my top 5 Christmas films. I find sitting down to watch a Christmas movie is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit. It was hard for me to narrow down my top 5 Christmas films as I live for Christmas films, mainly because I want a Christmas romance like the Christmas romance films ( I know cheesy!).

1. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

This film is by far one of my favorite films, mainly because I have always wanted to go to New York and go at Christmas time as I dream of getting engaged on time square and when I say yes for it to start snowing after I kiss the guy.

Without having to explain the full plot of the film it is about a family who wake up late and have to rush to the airport to make their flight to California on time, one of the boys in the family called Kevin ( age 10) who end up getting lost at the airport as he was looking for something in his Dad bag and he ends up taking the wrong flight and end up in New York City with is Dads bank card.  

As you can expect any 10-year-old boy’s dream is wanting a lot of cash to buy candy, a lot of toys, and live the life of luxury and that is what he did. But then the hotel finds out he is living alone in the hotel and start to try and catch him out and find out the truth.

Also, in the film, Kevin going into the toy store to buy toys and end up meeting the two robbers from the first home alone film who are planning to rob the toy store and Kevin overhear them talking about it and Kevin plans on saving the toy store.

The reason this is my favorite film is because one I love the whole excitement of the film being in New York City at Christmas as the scene looks magically where I like dreaming of being there.

The second reason is because it is kind of a fantasy I have on being rich order a luxury hotel room and just laying there with the butler feed me sweet and ice cream and also hiring a limo to take me around the city while am eating pizza and drinking coke cola in a champagne glass.

Low key this film makes me motivated, excited, ambitious, and festive as I feel like if I keep working toward my dream, I might be able to take a holiday to New York and live like a child for a week.  the full movie gets me in the mood for Christmas because of the snow, light, and Christmas trees.

2. Bad mom Christmas

Bad mom Christmas is a late-night Christmas film I put on when I can’t sleep or get stressed as a bad mom Christmas is so funny and also make me imaging what life will be like when am older and I have a house and all that.

  The film is festive but not too in-your-face festive as they decided to give up on making Christmas perfect and do things their own way instead of following your typical Christmas stander rules.

The story of Bad Mom Christmas is about 3 bad mums who are overwhelmed by how it is a mother job to make the perfect Christmas for everyone and at the end of trying to make a perfect Christmas they don’t even enjoy Christmas anymore so they decided to take Christmas back and do what their children want to do for Christmas instead of deciding what the perfect Christmas is.

Then weeks before Christmas all 3 bad mum mums come there for Christmas and decide to take over their lives and their children’s lives by making Christmas a big event where you have to show off to enjoy Christmas and pretty much take the fun out of Christmas.

Where 3 bad mums end up in a war with their own mothers because they want to do things their own way for a change instead of doing what even one else does. Pretty much most of the film is about mother and daughter in a war because of their own personal issues with their own mother.

I personally like the film as it is so funny and makes you laugh a lot and lights your mood if you are stressed or just in a very negative mood.

3. The holiday

The holiday is the most relatable film out there as it is about two women from different side of the world wanting to escape their own life as one woman break up with their boyfriend and the other woman’s ex-boyfriend gets engaged.

 The reason I love this film is because sometimes I feel like going to the middle of nowhere or a different country to escape. As sometimes, I feel like I need a break from people, the world, work, and social media. This film makes me feel like am not alone feeling these feelings and it perfectly normal to have these feelings.

So I watch this film to not feel like am losing my mind by saying that and also I love the line that Cameron Diaz says “I want to eat carbs without wanting to kill myself” because people/ social media are quick to judge or talk about you if you put on extra weight. Where I kind of understand wanting to escape from all the cure things in life by going somewhere different where you will be loved for you.

 The Story of the holiday is about two women from different side of the world wanting to escape their own life as one woman break up with their boyfriend and the other woman’s ex-boyfriend gets engaged. So they decided to swap houses for a few weeks to escape their life. When they’re in each other life there both end up falling in love with each other brother. The film has some comedy aspects in as they act awarded try to impress a man.

4. Last Christmas

Last Christmas is a sweet funny film, but also a sad ending. I am a sucker for a Christmas romance film as I have always wanted to find love a Christmas. Pretty much I want my full life to look like a film maybe one day.

 This Christmas film made me dream of what I want my future husband to act like. This film also made me realize in order to achieve your dreams you need to believe in yourself to achieve them. Also made me realize you need to see the good in life and be thankful for what you have.

The story of last Christmas is about a girl called Kate who is lost in life after her heart operation who drinks a lot and pretty much plans to destroy her life, until one day she meets a guy called Tom who shows her a different side of life where in order to change her life she must believe in herself.

Kate ends up falling in love with Tom who turns out Tom is an imagined man of Kates mind as Tom was the one who give up his heart for Kate’s heart operation so she could live.

5. Elf  

Elf is the best ever timeless film at Christmas as Elf shows everything that they really want to do a Christmas what I mean by, for example, everyone, what to put syrup on their dinner or some sort of sugar or have sweets every morning for breakfast or run around revolving door, come on we all want to do every little funny thing in Elf, the reason we don’t is that we don’t want to look crazy.

This film makes me feel excited for Christmas and festive. It also makes me feel normal for wanting to do the thing buddy the Elf dose. It also makes me laugh which is good if you’re having a crap day at Christmas time.

Also, my favorite quote from Elf is “he an anger Elf” which I have said it to people in real life that quote to see the funny side of things.

If you haven’t seen Elf where the hell has you been Here is the story of Elf. Buddy the Elf is a normal person who was raised by Elf when he was a child up until he was 30 years, then he got told by Santa is really Dad lived in the New York and his mother put him up for adoption.

So, Buddy, the Elf decided to find him and New York and because he was raised by an elf and raised in the north pole he does understand how the world work where he does funny things. When he finds this Dad it shows him trying to build a relationship with his dad which is very fun because buddy the elf acts like a child.

Near the end of the film buddy, the Elf has to help Santa save Christmas and get everyone in New York to believe in the Christmas spirit. (which at that bit  always put me in the Christmas spirit.)

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