4 ways to help us think more positively to be more confident

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 When we start to think positively we improve all areas of our life as we start overcome life obstacles and see new and exciting opportunities to become the more confident person we all desires to be or see new opportunities to get our dream life. Not going to lie it’s hard to keep thinking positively when we have negative thoughts, we are all guilty of thinking negative once in a while sometimes we can help they thought as we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with people perfect lives on social media and we can’t help but see the negative in our own lives. in this blog, I will give some tips that help me stay in a positive mindset most of the time but first am going to explain what a positive thing is.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean keep your head in the sand and ignore all the negative situations that are happening to us, as we need negative things to happen to help us learn and grow as a person. the positive thing just means that we approach every situation good or bad positively for example thing that is the only best is going to happen or think that thing will work out in the end. I like to look at things with things that happen for a reasonable approach as the most inspiring quote that in encoding to my brain is “I believe that everything happens for a reason. people change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things call fall together.” – Marylin Monroe (Marylin Monroe is one of my biggest influences in life to chase my dreams)

To Start thinking positive you must accept every part of your personality the good and the bad as once you accept the bad part of your personality and made peace with you can start having inner positive in life and some cases start to feel more positive about your body if one of the bad of your personality is said a negative thing about your body ( I use to say a negative thing about my body before lockdown after lockdown I decided to start saying a positive thing about the body part I love on my body) Before we get into the rule of how to think positively is I want to point out, with Social media taking over our lives and affect our health and the way we think about the thing we you must understand not compare yourself with other people life such as celebrities, influencers or people we used to go to school with.what I mean by this is when we go on social media and see an Instagram post of some get engaged or buy a house you compare your life with theres and start to feel like a failure and we then start to think negatively about every aspect of our life. but we must not try and do this as if we keep compare our life with other people life we can not think positively about things

1st Rule for thinking positively

Thing more positively by stop scrolling though Social media
Stop Scrolling on Social media

try and stop yourself comparing our life with social media is Do not pay too much attention to social media as a study has shown that scrolling through social media more than 5-time a day can negatively impact our health. If you are tempted to go on social media every hour, try and find a hobby like art, go walk or run, playing boards game, or if you want to have personal growth you could take an hour each day to read self-help books. These books can help lift your mood/positively see life. (a book that helps me be more positive are: good Vibes, Good life by Vex king and my all-time favorite book: the secret by Rhonda Byrne) What also helps me think more positively is I write down what I am thankful for each night and what I have achieved throughout the day there are normal small little thing, but I think if we remind ourselves of the little thing we people more positive and grateful in life. another top tip for social media is to unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad or feel like you have to be someone else. Don’t worry about hurt there feeling as your mental health come first.

2nd Rule is to think more positively

positive thinking stop killing yourself at the gym
Stop killing yourself at the gym

Stop killing yourself at the gym to look good for other people. Positive thinking is only what you think but it is sometimes how you act for example I used to kill myself at the gym because I thought if I was skinny, I would start feeling happy about my life and think a happy thought. Also, Ithought I had to be supermodel skinny for people to like me. but all I was doing was causing more negative thought as I use to say to my “your fat because you get 3 meal ” and that lead me into thinking negative about my full life it took me until 3 lockdowns to learn that I don’t need to kill myself at the gym. once I learned to workout for self I came extremely happier and positive in life as I stop restricting my food intake and eat more food and start to have more energy where I feel so positive I could do anything. I can’t stress enough to only work out for yourself. If you must work out find a workout that is like a fun game as scientific be proving if you enjoy working out your mood will improve as happy hormones will begin to kick in after a week of working out. Which will make you a more positive person. Another little tip that helps me out so much is Do not to focus on calories when eating your daily meal listen to your body as it ok to eat every hour of the day someday. Also when a workout does not look at the calories section listen to your though or music what I like to do is speak to myself in my head and say my dream life to myself, in fact, every night I go to bed I like to whisper out loud my dream life.  If your workout stops comparing yourself to other people’s bodies as everyone has different DNA as your weight is part of your genetics. Not one person looks the same.

3rd Rule to think more positivity

positively writing
Write positively thing about our life

Express yourself and practices speaking positively and writing positive things about your life Identify the good thing in your life it can be a small little thing, when you have identified all the things you like about your life write them down and say them out loud to yourself each day to remind yourself that you are doing well in life.when Practice speaking positively says things such as I love where I am in life and exactly where I need to be instead of saying I hate my life and haven’t achieved anything in my life. ( Just remind if anyone needs to hear it you have achieved a lot of things in life or one day because achievement do need to be big it could be as simple as finishing the essay)  Another little that helps me to think positively is when am wearing clothing that I want to wear if you wear what you want it will boost confidence and your start to think more positively about your life and body. For example, I feel more confident wearing women high waist jeans than men jeans as well as wear Chelsea boots with Cuban heels as when am wearing the two items it makes me feel 6ft tall like I can do anything I put my mind to.

4th Rule to have think and be more body positivity

body confidence for positivity thing
Body confidence

This rule has more to do with body positivity but I thought I would put it in. if you go do this rule your feel better about yourself and start feeling more positivity about things. Avoid food that is going to make have negative though on your body after eating the food.  Instead, eat the food that makes you feel go it doesn’t matter if the food that makes you feel good about yourself is unhealthy. Stop focus on the person you could be start focus on the person you are.

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