4 Tips to stop Dwelling on Negative thoughts

how to get rid of negative

Most of us spend a lot of time with our thoughts worrying about the future, replaying events in the past in our heads, and generally think about the things that went wrong in our lives. Which as we all know doing these things over and over again can be unhealthy for us as we can start a negative mindset.

So what isnegative thinking well suppose you get a mean glare from someone in the shop or at the library, would you take it personally, would you get angry at them, would you feel bad about yourself? Do you turn small things into big things that bother you for days or weeks? well if so you are thing negatively.

Negative think can be good sometimes as we could think to ourselves “you never get that dream job” where it could end up making us work hard to try and stop that negative thought and prove the thought wrong. But when well contently think Negative though we could end up become depressed or anxious where we would not have an enjoyment in life, or we could be in vishes circle where we think negative though about everything and can see the positives of things.

It is totally normal to get negative thoughts when we get anxious or worried as when we feel this way our brain is likely to convince us that the worst is going to happen. But if we recognize we are thinking a negative thought we can try some little tips and tricks to help die down negative though, so we aren’t thinking negatively each day.

1 .Write a thoughts Journal

Negative thought journal
Negative thought journal

Get a notebook and call a thoughts Journal. If we recorded any sort of thought down on paper it will help us think about the thought more deeply about why we are thinking a center thought and identify the route of the problem. Where can fix the problem and stop thing Negative thoughts? I find this tip very useful as when I begin writing down my negative thoughts to improve my life situation, I realized if have block center people from social media that make me feel like a failure or bad about my life, I also realized I had to stop eating certain foods that was making me have negative thoughts about my body. I am not saying if you write you negative though down you will never have negative as sometimes you might know at first why your feel that way after writing it down but a few days later you might understand why you feel Negative. Plus, we need Negative thoughts to help us be strong and to deal with certain life situations.

2. Be your own best friend.

be your own best friend to get rid of Negative
be your own best friend to get rid of Negative

We as people are always our own worst enemy 90% of the time. But if we change this a build our own support system rather than rely on friends and family as they could cause us more harm than good as building a support system of people can lead to disappointment, heartbreak, and relationship breakdowns if your expectation isn’t met.  If we become self-reliant, we will be a much stronger people. As when we get negative, we can learn to challenge our thought. What I mean by this is when you have a negative thought think about what your best friend would say back to you to make you feel better. But say what your best friends would say back to you out loud so you can let go of the negative thought and be more up bet and think happy thoughts. Also what you could do is when you cooking or wearing an outfit act like your best friend and compliment yourself about doing the task. What I also find useful is making a cup of tea sit down and whisperer a conversation to walk like your talk to your Best friend as I find when you say your problems or what you want to get off your chest, you soon start talking about positive things like look how far you came. I find when you talk to an object is good as they listen and they not talk about it.

3.Meditation & gratitude

Meditation for Negative thoughts
Meditation for Negative thoughts

    Meditation is a great thing to Stop negatives thoughts and to focus on your goals as it clears your mind of all the bad stuff in your life and let you dream and see the positives in life Mediation also help relax our body’s as well. As when we think negative thought we are physically tense up and we end up getting mentally exhausted where the small task become hard to do, but if we set aside 1 hour to mediation every night, we can improve our positive and lower your negative and have a clearer shaped mind to focus on for days ahead on our work/ life.

The first step to meditation is to relax your body, I find if I drink lemon tea before meditation is fully relaxed and in a sleep state of mind (as when you do mediation you want to be in a sleep state of mind as that when your deepest true thought and feels come out) once you drink your lemon tea you want to sit down and write down everything you are grateful for that day or week. it can be as simple as “I am grateful for allowing myself to take an hour for breakfast” does need to be too fancy as when we write what we are grateful for each night we end up see the good thing in our lives and our moods are lifted.  After your write down what you are grateful for write down 3 goals so you have a goal to focus on in the meditation video I get my mediation video from YouTube I would highly recommend his one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEd2K1FxNQY&t=277s as it helps me to vision my goals and see how far I need to go to get my goals, it also makes me wake up to feel positive and ready to be productive.

4. Release judgment from your life

Stop judging yourself
Stop judging yourself

The fact is we all judge ourselves and others it perfectly normal as part of life. But when we judge ourselves we are untimely saying that we have lost faith in who we are, which in return damages our relationships with ourselves. also, when we judge our self-people can sense the judgment where they will feel like acceptable to join in which mess with our heads. There is a thing we can do to stop ourselves from judging ourselves. What helped me was I stop scowling throw from social media every single day and watching YouTube videos also Instagram Story’s as doing these things made me judge my full life and get upset about it. Once I cut out this thing I started loving myself more, eating more food by stepping on the scales, and stop judging myself all the time. The second thing I did I stop judging other people’s live and just focus on my own life, I noticed when I down this step I stop judging myself or thing other people were judging me and I became a more positive person and I don’t get negative thought every day anymore.

I have noticed when I did these 4 tips people started to see myself as a positive person and want to speak to me but am scared to speak to them so I don’t speak to them ha. I have noticed when I stop focusing on the negative thought I’ve been getting compliments such as only last week I got told I have a good body even know I said “thanks I think” as am not used to getting compliments people any way I differently recommend you try these tip to lower your negative thought and become a more positive person.   

“There are so many great things in life why dwell on Negativity”- Zenbaya

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