4 Tips To Get Motivated To Workouts At The Gym

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We all know workouts can help us to releases stress and anger but sometimes we have no motivation to work out or we do not have the motivation to start to work out. Sometimes we as people could make up excuses to put us off from workout out such as “people will be watching me workout and their hot guy there at that embarrassing”. Many of us who make up excuses believe someday we wake up a get motivated to work out or we think “once we get our dream careers or life, we get the motivation to workout”, but the reality is we need to create our own motivation and change our thinking pattering.

1. Set a goal

set goals for a Workout
the setting goal for Workout

The first set is to have something to work towards. Weather that to help with stress or to fit into the jeans that are collecting dust in your wardrobe or if it to get fit and lose weight. Whatever the reason big or small goal to get started workout it doesn’t matter. As you just need a reason to start working. After you figure your goal out to work out write your goal down and stick it in your wardrobe or the mirror of your bathroom wherever you will see your goal most often/every day as this will help you stay focused on the goal to try and achieve it. Also, before you start workout out for your goal you could bit a cute workout outfit to get motivated to wear it in the gym.

For the first 6 months, you want to set a smaller goal to reach your bigger, for example, you could start off with going to the gym 2x a week for 45- 55 minutes for the first month then set your next goal to 3x weeks for 60 minutes and so and so. You don’t have to do an intense workout every time at the gym like lifting waits you could do something like walking or jogging for 45 minutes until you build up your fitness levels as every small step count towards your bigger goals. 

2. Make workout fun

fun workout
Fun when Workout

This step might sound so weird but if you do not enjoy have a fun workout or are more likely to give up on your goal in the first month as you have no enjoyment workout, it also suggests you need to revaluate your goals. For an example let say you set a goal of being skinny before the summer over, yes you might be motivated to go to gym and workout because your think about all the complement you well get but after while of work problem get stress or depressed because you will be focusing on the number of the scale and counting calories on the tread mail where you end up giving up if you don’t see the result you’re expecting, trust me am speaking for the experience.

But if we find something fun and exciting it can do use wonder for our body and mind. As you won’t be really thinking about the end goal you end up live at the moment and have fun. Which in return will release a bunch of happy hormones that tricker your brain to think and see the world more positively. It wouldn’t only boost our positive but it will also boost our self-confidence and we are able to do anything like a new hobby or experience that we were scared to do before it could also make feel confident in wearing our clothing.

How to make work fun instead of going on an exercise machine, try work out classes like spin class, kickboxing, or Zumba. You could also go to the gym with your friends as you could laugh together work out or have a weekly catch-up while doing a workout as these things will make not seem like a workout at all.

“Don’t Train to be Skinny, Train to be a badass”. – Demi Lovato 

3.Reward yourself

We all need to reward ourselves for doing the hard work of workout every week or every month. Why rewarded if we are trying to each our fitness goal. Well, if we set smaller fitness goals to reach our big fitness, we must reward ourselves each week so we can get motivated to work out for that reward. Am not saying the rewards have to be fancy it could “if I reach my smaller fitness goals this week, I will get a curry from a takeaway” or if you want to reward yourself monthly it could “I will buy the shoes at Asos when I reach my smaller monthly fitness goals” the rewards are up to you it can be big or small.   Also, because rewarded ourselves after a small goal will boost an indictable happy feeling inside.

4. Not kill yourself at the gym

don't kill your self workout
don’t kill yourself at the gym

Most people kill themselves at the gym because they lack Self-control when it comes to eating so they use the gym as a form of punishment to control their poor food choices. So they lift heavy, run fast and beat their body into submission. I know this for a fact because I used to be one of the people.  But if we have the same discipline as we do in the gym in the kitchen, well We won’t feel exhausted going to the gym or in the middle of a workout which will make us happier and have more positive thoughts on our bodies and thing we do in life.

Top Favourite tips for the gym

1.  Listen to music while working out

Music workout
Music workout

Music is the god to get motivated at the gym in my opinion to when you listen to a feel-good music album or an upbeat album you be working hard at the gym without noticing your workout hardcore.  Most people also would sate there more active in the gym while listening to music, whereas 40% of people would say they would not work out if they had no music to listen to in the gym according to the article by the SOL REPUBLIC. Music may make you work out harder but, it can also make you feel inspired, motivated and start daydream in the gym when working out which will make your workout fun and feel like the workout took like 10 minutes. A bounces thing about listening to music in the gym is that you do not think or focus on how many calories you’re burning. also, 45% of people state they only listen to music in the gym to block people out from interaction according to the article by the SOL REPUBLIC. As some people like to use the gym as a social place to make friends and talk to people.

2.Plan to go to the gym where it quite

If you really do not want to see a lot of people at the gym or you have anxiety around people I would suggest going to the gym when it is quiet as you will be able to take your time at the gym to workout longer and build your motivation up and get comfortable with your body a been seen working out.  Also if you plan on going to the gym at a quiet time you be able to watch your favourer program, have dinner with your friends or  family  as you do not need to go when everyone else goes to the gym

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