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Confidence dressing

Nearly everyone Strives to have Confidence each day. I for one try to have confidence most days so am going to share the tips that has help me feel confident on the days I need to feel confident.  Before we begin, I must point out Confidence is NOT what clothing you wear Such as designer clothing or Confidence is NOT flaunting your wealth. People who do that have an insecurity or hate their life as nothing as it seems on Instagram. Real Confidence is to start excepting your flaws such as your large feet or the scare you have on your thighs. When you start to Embrace your flaws you discover who you really are. As beauty starts from within. It took me a long time to understand to embrace my flaws it took me until the end  3rd lockdown to learn this trick and now am a much happier person. As if I get a spot on my face who cares,  if  I want to eat a full pack of biscuit I will do so, because am done with try to be perfect if people want to can me fat go ahead because that just saying something about yourself than me, as people feel the need to say horrible comments to people to make them feel better.  Am no mean an expert on this topic but am going to share with you 4 tips that help me be confident.

1. Find your colour

Find your color for Confidences
Find your color for Confidence

Colour is a fantastic tool it is not just to make a statement, it can change your mood and up to life your mood. Am not say dress like a rainbow but add a pop of color to your style such as a white dip dye blue T-shirt with black skinny jeans. To find your color is the simplest rule wear the color that makes you feel great on the inside as well as on the outside. The color that makes me feel great in is black and red tartan.

As wear, the color that makes you feel great on the outside and great on the inside will uplift your mood make you feel 6 feet tall and you feel like you be able to conder the world. There is only one small thing to bear in mind when Figuring out what color you feel great in and that is to make sure the color complements your skin and hair color as this can make people’s eyes draw to your natural beauty. (before all start saying what do you mean I do not have beauty, everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.) To be honest with you I only wear the color that complements my skin and hair when I want to impress someone. The best colors for me to wear with dirty blonde hair are red, blue, and moss green. If you use this tip you will see a return as you will get a lot of people to say nice things to you about how you look and that in itself will be a big confidence booster.

2. Know your person Style

Personal style for Confidence
Personal Style for Confidence

Do Not dress for People, Do not copy people’s style, dress in the clothing that makes you comfortable. When one dresses for their own personal style it shows off to the world what you believe in and what you are like as a person. Your own personal style can be a very big Confidence booster as people will see the real you through your clothing not who your try to be. Before you ask “how do people know if it your own personal style V someone else person style”. Well you see clothing is a very powerful tool as clothing can signally what you feeling, for example, if your try to dress like Kim Kardashian but feel uncomfortable wearing they sort of clothing your feeling will show with the clothing as you will try to hide part of your body and you would talk and act uncomfortable. (not sure why I using Kim Kardashian as an example but I just think she is a fake person and when people try to be like her you, I don’t understand why )

3. Not walk in Shame

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone goes through a rough patch we are all human no one is perfect. I know that everyone is staring and judging all the time. Everyone going to have an option on our clothing and lifestyle choices, dreams in general. But in this world today we have to know our mistakes, dust ourselves of stand tall, and carry on a walk with our head held high. You can not please everyone if people do not like your clothing and lifestyle or dream that their problem.   If you walk with your head held high your confidence will radiate.

4. Be confident in your body shape and own your body

Accept you’re not a supermodel (embrace the fact you’re not a supermodel as you can Eat McDonnel’s anything you want.)  when dressing considers your body shape to boost all your best features as this can make you feel more confident because you have your best Features on show. If you do not know your best features write down what you like about your body and try and dress, so you have the bit you like of your body on show. It Does not matter if your best body part isn’t a big body part it can be a simple as a show of your ankles if there your best feature. This Tip helps me a lot as when I start to wear high-waisted skinny jeans and tight-fitting clothing it shows off my best feature and my hips where I feel confident everything time, I wear high-waisted jeans. I can’t stress enough but Only dress in a way that you find flattering on you, don’t show skin if you feel uncomfortable.  

Anyone can make a mistake in life and style but there are no mistakes in fashion just own what your wear be confident because as we grow, we get better with style and life situation. 

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