3 Different Ways On How To Wear A Crop Top

crop top

Crop tops are bold and flattering on everybody’s type. Everyone loves crop top and we have the spice girls and Britney Spear to thank for the crop today. The reason crop top is so loveable is because they go with just about anything.

Before you ask there is no age limit to owning a crop because what I have learned recently is to wear what makes you love as long it makes you feel happy and comfortable. As if we dress for someone else it makes us feel deeply unhappy within ourselves.

Yes, some people are too afraid of showing their skin. I mean I was at the begin but as long as your happy show off skin who cares. No one is going to laugh at you for wearing a crop there end up respect you more for showing skin.  Not be afraid of looking weird at first.

As wearing a crop top at first will look a bit weird as you won’t really know how to style in a way your feel comfortable as people were crop top for all different reason, you just need to find the style you feel comfortable in but not worry I have some tip and style for you to try out to wear this little gem of a garment and find what you feel comfortable in.

Now let me tell you the first little rule I have noticed when trying to style the crop top, A tight crop will look best with a loss pair of trousers, although if you’re going for an extremely hot and sexy you can wear a tiger bottom, a loser crop top goes best with a high waist trouser.

1. Crop with high waisted jeans

Crop top with high waisted jeans
Crop top with high waisted jeans

Skinny high-waisted jeans and a crop will help to keep you looking edgy, sexy, and street-style ready at all times. Also, if your style your hair right it will give you a look of elegance.

People who what to wear a crop does not want to show too much skin you can layer the crop with a formal or casual blazer and pair it with a high-waisted skinny jean. Outfits like these are aimed to catch people’s eye without making too much of attention.   

You could opt for the extremely sexy side and do a hole sandy out grace vibes with a black crop top with high waisted leather skinny jeans pair with a black heel or red heels, this look won’t only make you look sexy but will also make you seem like you have a slimmer body and you will have a timeless, classic poised look. ( I think I might go for this outfit on Halloween because I still get to where my style of clothing)

High-waisted skinny jeans and crop are one of the easiest go-to outfits with a crop top.

2. Crop top with jackets or layers

crop top with jacket
crop top with a jacket

Now when I started wearing a crop top I used to wear this style a lot as I was a bit nervous at first, So if you’re not that thrilled with all the skin showing off. A jacket will help build your confidence up with where a crop top as a jacket doesn’t take anything from the crop top, it actually boosts your outfit as it adds style to your outfit.

If you want to still remain classy and timeless as well as hot badass bitch wear black jeans with a black and white crop top, paired with a black hooped  oversized denim jacket bring the whole outfit together with black heel boots

crop top with cardgian
crop top with a cardigan

Or alternatively, if you’re going for a more casual look wear light blue high waist jeans with a nude crop top layer with a light grey tone cardigan. Bring the outfit together with brown timberland boots or a white trainer.

3. Off the shoulder crop top

off the shoulder crop top

Off-the-shoulder crop tops in general provide uniqueness to an outfit, they can offer a lot to an outfit such as they can show of your waist and hips give you an alluring finish. They can also symbolize that you have a timeless personality.

People normally wear the shoulder stuff to show off their confidence in their body and make them appear slimmer and sometimes taller as well. Depend on your body type and if your wearing tight clothing, show off your collar bone can boot your other body feature such as your hip and butt make you look sexier.     

If you going for a sexy look you could wear black high waisted jeans, with a black Off the shoulder crop top and a black heel boot pair  or white leather heel boots with a black leather jacket ( sorry but whenever I wear a crop I feel like sandy from grace and, I try to dress like her sorry if these outfits are very sandy lol)

Or alternatively, for more casual wear, you could wear a black off-the-shoulder crop with dark blue jeans bring the whole outfit together with a pair of hi-top converse, and tie your hair up in a ponytail.

Am perry new to wear crop top so I can these starting outfits as I worn outfit like these when I first started wearing crop and experimenting with different style of a crop top.  

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